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Runwal And Audi Mumbai West Quattro – Drive Event Report

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On June 22, at the Audi Quattro driving experience event, we experienced the Quattro system for a very short drive. A special thanks to Runwal for calling us and Audi Mumbai West for providing the cars for the short and sweet drive. Audi had 5 cars from the Q series, flagship Q3, Q3 Sportback, Q5, Q7 and Q8. Audi has made a unique effort to make this experience good . The first challenge was the Rumblers, who demonstrated the power of the Quattro system. Next comes Articulation, where the cars and their tires are tilting on just one side.Our next challenge is the stream, which the Q7 moves quickly despite its size.

Audi Quattro Drive 2.0 Event with Runwal_2

Audi Quattro Drive 2.0 Event with Runwal_1

The next challenge is called “Slide-Slope”, as the name suggests, the car goes up a muddy slope. The Q7 SUV completed the challenge with ease. The final and most exciting challenge. MudSlush is where we would throttle to make donuts! The 3.0 litre and quattro made it so effortless that the people sitting b behind didn’t even realize much. Overall, even after all these years of Quattro events, We realize how flawless the system works, despite being the quintessential noisy differential Audi cars have, they work like a charm and add to the mechanical prowess of the suv.

Mohit Soni
Mohit Soni
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