3rd Generation All New Tucson Design Idea and Philosophy Previewed!


Hyundai Motor today unveiled the design expressions of upcoming new Global SUV in the market, which is the All New Tucson.

It’s no surprise anymore that the Tucson is finally coming to the Indian market. After being unveiled at Auto Expo and a little bit of delay,the launch is set to happen very soon. Hyundai in its typical tradition before launch wants all of us to know what the product is all about. Tucson, just like other names for Hyundai SUV’s comes from one or the other state of America continent. For example Santa Fé is a place in Southern America. Need more proof that Americans love their SUV’s as much as Indians?

Tucson is a native American name that portrays an image of a ‘Strong Sun’ which ends up lending a premium character with performance to the Brand. Tucson is the 1st SUV created with Hyundai Motor’s new development philosophy of ‘Innovation of Fundamentals’. Hyundai continues to focus on Safety, Performance, Ride & Handling, Durability and Low NVH through continuous innovations which are customer demands at the end of the day. The designers of the Tucson tried very hard to create a SUV with distinctive and stylish looks which is both unique and futuristic. The 3rd Generation All New Tucson continues to be one of the strongest SUV that the Korean brand has.


3rd Generation All New Tucson Design is an evolved Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 (FS2.0) Design Philosophy that the Tucson is designed to convey. ‘Style and Dynamism’ is what Hyundai says the Tuscon is set to offer. 3rd Generation All New Tucson Design design expresses Hyundai’s progressive styling language as always. 3rd Generation All New Tucson Design clearly has and we can agree to the refined, flowing surfaces, bold proportions and sharp lines that it has.

As always Hyundai aims to set new standard of design with The All New Tucson, which it has done with almost every car it launches these days. in the premium SUV market. 3rd Generation All New Tucson Design is all set and ready with a scheduled launch in November, 2016 to boost Hyundai Motor’s leadership in the Growing Global SUV market as India continues to be an important market.

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