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4 Tips On How To Treat Fuel Injected Motorcycles Properly and Increase Reliability

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Fuel Injected Motorcycles sales and launches are on the rise dramatically and will reach even higher, we give you simple tips to keep things good at all ends

Indian Motorcycle market is evolving dramatically in the year 2017. We have seen in a lot of motorcycle coming in in every cubic capacity with two types of fuelling rather than one. There is a carburetor and then there is a fuel injector. There are couple of good ideas in the market right now such as the Gixxer from Suzuki and the Pulsar 200NS which has a fuel injected cousin called RS200.

Last year FZ from Yamaha had two options but now it is available only in fuel injected form. Fuel injection does require a bit of attention as the system is complicated only inside but it is simple on the outside. This means it needs a bit of care from the start till the end of the motorcycle life and your daily commute as well. We give you tips to make sure your fuel injection system along with your engine last longer and tell you the best performance and efficiency that this system has to offer.


Thumb rule of the Fuel Injected Motorcycles is how to turn the starter. You are not supposed to the press the start button and open the throttle at the same time. This damages the flywheel along with some parts in the lower half of the engine which includes crankshaft bearings. Just press the start button and wait for the engine to come to life. Engine will revv automatically to start the motorcycle. That is why most fuel injected motorcycles have an auto choke system that help you in cold starts. Be it a 24 hour gap or starting a motorcycle in minus 24 degrees, the auto choke will work for you.


Idling the engine of a Fuel Injected Motorcycles first thing in the morning is always great no matter what type of fuelling system you have on the vehicle. So once you start the engine without accelerating at the same time let it idle for a minute or two to make sure the engine oil which has reached the lowest part of the engine to circulate and reach the Piston rings. You will definitely notice a gap in smoothness if you ride with and without riding the bike once you start riding it. Same goes for cars with Turbo engines be it petrol or diesel idle them for a minute or two so the oil reaches the Turbo for better life of the part.


One of the major parts in the Fuel Injected Motorcycles system is the fuel pump. The fuel pump has to have a necessary amount of fuel in it all the time to make sure it performs effortlessly and the life of the part increases. Even the most sophisticated bikes and cars in the world are recommended to have at least 3 litres of fuel all the time in the
fuel pump for performance and reliability. The less the fuel it has the more chances are it can get damaged and send you a hefty bill. Always make sure your fuel injected bike has 2 to 3 litres do not treat it like a carburettor bike and squeeze every single drop out of it.


Most novice and amateur riders rarely redline their bikes. It is best that from time to time you do RedLine the engine so that there are no carbon deposits in the injectors and your bike functions smoothly throughout the revv range. Try accelerating in first 3 gears on an open stretch safely so that a balance of performance and efficiency isn’t ruined. Short shifting isn’t the best way to live with a motorcycle all the time or with any combustion engine for that fact. Make sure you service the bike regularly and get the injectors cleaned once a year. Also make sure your fuel filter is replaced at every service or when your manufacturer says so, which you can find in your service manual.

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Mohit Soni
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