BMW Used Motorcycles Program Could Happen- Affordable Flagship Certified Motorcycles Incoming


BMW Used Motorcycles Program Could Happen once the market captures traction and will help old and new customers with purchase and sale

BMW Motorrad is ready with their blueprint to fill their Motorbike segment in India without error. They are going above from their CBU (completely build units) concept where they import the fully developed bikes to India which cost higher to the actual price in the past to now getting them through a different route now.

As the company has confirmed to start the production of their G310R and G310GS with venture of TVS in India which will also make way to assembly units for their other flagship motorcycles, but there are additional plan from the company so that they can make with ease to Indian market.

BMW Motorrad can opt to import their machines from Thailand where FTA (free trade agreement) between Thai-India which help the company to keep the price lesser than other CBU units and it’s a well-practiced option followed by other brands like Ducati. The heavy duty charge can be avoided as Indian government charges 120 per cent on imported car.
BMW Motorrad may also go for their Certified-used Motorcycle programme which is practised in many other markets.


And it would be tricky to do in India as well. However, company has hope and they may be right because it’s BMW and their product never ages. The used market is relatively easy for the company than the above two options as they may take time, expenditure and lot of work, so this would be best parallel initiation as well.

The whole set plan is too clear that BMW Motorrad is ready to rule the Indian bike market which will provide price bracket of Rs. 3 Lakh to Rs. 20 Lakh BMW bikes and owning 3 Lakh bike is the highlight for now as CBU motorcycles have already gone for sale and have done greatly as we have recently seen a over the top sales report from the Indian arm of BMW Motorrad

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