Absolute NonSense – European Helmets Banned in India


European Helmets Banned in India to promote only ISI approved products. The government expects manufacturers to set up shop in two months to start for homologation

Lack of common sense yet again prevails on the Indian roads, parliament as a bunch of lobbyists want to make the roads unsafe. Sure, it is a great move to make sure genuinely fake helmets are dismissed. But this is also all in the interest of boosting ‘punishment fees’ collection to rise for the traffic police.

For half a century it has been proven by European/American/Asian manufacturer that they make some safest helmets in the world, are now being banned in India. A Rs. 30,000 helmet proven to be wrong over a helmet which is locally made at Rs 3,000 can be that big much of a match? Sure it is safe enough, but in most cases, as the helmets get bigger and better it should be BANNED in the country?. Please read the statement below from a national helmet maker on behalf of the bureaucracy.

As per the recent notification issued by the Road Transport and Highway Ministry, manufacture, storage and sale of non-Indian standard (NON-ISI) Helmets for two-wheelers will lead to arrest without warrant. While for a first offence the penalty would amount to two years jail or fine of at least Rs 2 lakh, subsequent offences would attract a higher fine. This will be applicable from next 60 days.

This decision by the policymakers has a larger and deeper implication. Even the leading international brands who were exporting helmets to India as per European and US standard will now have to adhere to ISI standards. They will not be able to sell otherwise.


Also, this notification will be applicable from 60 days from now which means all manufacturers not adhering to ISI standard should stop manufacturing at once. And the dealers should quickly liquidate their stocks.

Furthermore, as there will be no sale and manufacture of NON-ISI helmets no one will have access to substandard products. Hence injuries due to road accidents will decrease. This will also save a lot of money for the government as they were spending a lot on the police, medical expenditures, hospitals, Insurance etc.

  1. Aniruddhya Chang says

    What about DOT approved helmets like THH, SMK, LS2 etc??

    1. Mohit Soni says

      All are included in this list, including DOT

  2. Suresh says

    Let them get ISI certificate and sell in India. This is absolutely needed in India, lets respect our standards.
    Will a product sell in Europe if there is a standard not followed of other country.

    1. Mohit Soni says

      They need to come and establish themselves in two months and start homologation? That is a very short time and that’s why it is stupidity! Government loves to loot big corporations in these ways.

      Nothing comes out of this. This is lobbying done by Indian manufacturers of helmets who couldn’t sell their products because of they couldn’t make good products and sell them.

      1. Sidharth says

        And through this the non isi helmets will cost more since govt will charge them more. Its a loss to us only.

    2. William says

      For the Indian government’s, having ISI stickers means that the sticker can with stand the impact instead of the shell,compared to the ECE, DOT or Snell


    well i think its very harsh to say “absolute nonsense”
    its true that euro and dot certified helmets are better then ISI ..but that doesn’t mean u can skip indian standards.. and helmets that are having euro and dot certification’s are not as cheap as ISI one so what’s the problem in getting ISI certification..
    It’s not wright to directly blame the decision makers..
    think in other way.. what if the manufacturer’s cheat on the euro and dot as they don’t come via sale through ISI norms.. in such case u will be bigger fool in risking your life and wasting money..

    1. Mohit Soni says

      We know which country is more corrupt over a continent with strict practice and with the fear of lawsuits costing them in billions if they ever cheat.

      Nevertheless, that isn’t the point. We love Indian engineering as well. Indian made helmets are good enough, but banning others for being 5 times more superior.

      So that cops can harras bikers on every Sunday ride. Is that right? ISI certification can be done if those companies were here.

      They sell through vendors and official distributors. They need to come and establish themselves in two months and start homologation? That is truly Absolute nonsense!

    2. Arnab says

      I get you point, but when you say ‘better than ISI’, would essentially mean that its a subset and not a superset.

      I would agree to the point that this is utter nonsense when the folks are not well educated in terms of safety standard. ISI should be up-help provided the the non-isi should prove to be less than what ISI has set as the standard.

    3. Arijit Ghosh says

      Sir,did you by any chance get the opportunity to go through the norms that the validation and certification bodies like DOT actually follow in making their products? I appreciate your opinion, but you should have gone through those standards once before commenting. The reason why these European helmets cost so much is because of the amount of quality, time and effort manufacturers put to produce the best possible safety gears that any manufacturer could possibly provide. The parameters for tests conducted under norms of such certifying embodiments are way more strict, rigid and uncompromising due to which their R&D team spent some real effort in coming out with products that actually surpass the ISI norms in real time. When such gruelling inputs are given to a product obviously they will be priced accordingly and in any given day, any given situation or test they will out class the normal ISI helmets. Remember you pay crores for a Rolls-Royce not a Swift or a Figo, there is a reason why you do it. Right?
      On a motorbike or motorcycle whichever one wishes to refer, the most crucial safety gear one can avail is the helmet. So the better it is, the safer he or she feels. That doesn’t give the government the right to ban any of such products on such a lousy cheap excuse. There is just no logic in that.

    4. Ram says

      ISI reduced the total weight should be under 1.2kg but most good quality helmets are build with 1.5kg. this way the quality product makes can not get ISI approval. We are been fooled.

    5. Amey says

      The Indian standards are derived from the ECE standards. No one is saying ISI is rubbish, but it still isn’t better than ECE. Moreover there is new rule that helmets need to be under 1.2kg. None of the international helmets meet that requirement unless made of Carbon fiber, and these helmets cost more than 50k because of the use of carbon fiber. There is no way to make helmet under 1.2kg while using normal materials and not compromising on safety. The international brands will never compromise on safety just to match the weight requirement, which means they won’t sell their helmets in India. This eventually means you will be forced to buy the substandard ISI helmets.

    6. Bhaswat Gogoi says

      Man aren’t you trying making some stupid points.
      Go to the local helmet store near you and ask the shop keeper for a 1500rupees Helmet with ISI mark. He will surely provide you one.
      Then Ask for a DOT or ECE one.
      And then compare it with a DOT or ECE certified one.
      Do This and give me a reply.

  4. Bharathesh U Acharya says

    I call bullsh*t. I’m bald and used to have an ISI helmet, it barely had any padding and I couldn’t wear it for more than 20mins without having a headache. Bought AXOR (DOT and ECE certified) and don’t have the headache problem since. Hope they change their mind or we need to revolt.

  5. Parthasarathi Ray says

    This is the most idiotic rule ever heard, race spec helmets banned and what to prefer are those studds and Vega and Steelbird ?? C’mon man common sense is extremely uncommon in this country

  6. Vijay Pakalapati says

    WOW!! This is awesome. Can’t wear completely safe helmets but we can wear cap like helmets and roam. IRONY!!

  7. NinjaBoii says

    How many of you actually read Reasearch Papers? ISI Standards may not be the top end but are way bettter than DOT certified considering the Upper limit of forces exerted on shell and straps. DOT does not even test the helmets, the manufacturer has to self attest and self certify it.

    1. vachan says

      Lol !!! DOT won’t check all the helmets, but they randomly take the DOT claimed helmets on sale and test them in labs, and if they fail to meet the standard they’ll be punished accordingly! Or else people could have sold a coconut shell with DOT sticker! And here in this rule we are not just talking about DOT! We have ece and snell too ! Which is anyday better than steelbird which got ISI on it ! I started from a basic helmet with ISI mark, and there is a reason why i use ECE now ! Banning uncertified helmet is good, but banning international standard helmets?? Its forcing us to be less safer than what we intend to be! And probably steelbird bribed the government!

    2. EbiN says


      This video says otherwise.

    3. Rahul says

      Okay… let’s not bring patriotism into every single discussion. That said, let me address this myth that we have about self certification. Underwriting/ certification companies allow companies to self certify only after they meet the same standard of testing that they will do. Add to that international companies are far more careful about safety standards than companies here, given the punitive damages that they may have to pay in the event of low standards. Those costs could easily bankrupt these companies. Compare that to the extremely easy to obtain ISI certification. When have you last heard a Product company in India being sued for millions and ISI named co-defendant? I prefer safety over beaurocratic norms. But then, that’s just how I look at it. You are free to use any product you choose. That’s the beauty of living in a free democratic country.

  8. Dipen says

    Can you share the Govt Notice which says international Helmets are Banned ?

  9. Sunny says

    Since recent past few years people started buying international brand helmets and started saying no to cheap helmets with isi standard just because the material used is not that protective. Now Indian helmet manufacturers also have gone in loss due to this. And last time they banned it but it did not succeed. This time gotta see. But if u ban international helmets then please make such good helmets with ISI we don’t have problem buying Vega if it is as good as ls2

  10. Darpan says

    I don’t agree wit this unnecessary banned, if this is such an issue even imported brand cars n bikes should also be considered, or at least India should manufacture this quality
    We all will be happy to buy if we get this kind of design and quality for isi product

  11. Shahezad says

    Guys, if you think logically the govt doesnt want imported helmets to be sold in Indian Market because they have revised the maximum weight of the helmet from 1500 gms to 1200 gms, so even any importer would request foriegn manufacturer to make helmets under 1200gms so that he can apply for ISI, he will become the laughing stock because any foriegn manufacturer would never compromise on quality for weight. So ultimately foreign manufacturer cant make helmets under 1200gms and will not fit for ISI. The govt should keep the maximum weight upto 1500gms so that foriegn manufacturers can take ISI and sell their helmets in India.

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