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All-Electric ë-C3 Launched In Europe Is Very Different Then India!

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Citroën challenges the rulebook for European-designed and built B-segment cars with the reveal of the characterful fourth generation C3. All-electric ë-C3 delivers best-in-class comfort, easy electric experience, outstanding level of equipment and incredible value for money while being made in Europe. This car is sold in India and is entirely different unit all together.

This has made some social media keyboard even calling for something as outlandish as a “boycott Citroen”. This also should make Citroen realise Indians want global products at any cost. The Indian market is a status driven market and not a “cheap car market” anymore. While the Citroen eC3 does serve a purpose in India with its price and positioning, Citroen should start chart course for premium products as well.

The all-electric ë-C3 however, proudly heads up the fourth-generation line-up of Citroën’s most popular car, which has sold more than 5.6 million units since the launch of the first generation in 2002. The C3 is being the brand’s most popular model and representing 29 percent of Citroën’s European sales volume. In 2022, the C3 captured 11 percent overall of the European B-segment market.

Significantly, the all-new ë-C3 signals a new chapter for Citroën. The popular and daring brand is reinventing itself to aggressively meet head-on the challenges of making all-electric mobility accessible to all with the first European-designed and Europe-built all-electric B-hatchback for customers wanting the benefits of zero-emission mobility at a net, fair and affordable price.

BEST-IN-CLASS COMFORT: all-new ë-C3 proposes for the first-time the acclaimed Citroën Advanced Comfort® Suspension mated with new style Citroën Advanced Comfort® Seats. All-electric ë-C3 goes further with zero noise and zero vibration for stress-free ride.

All-Electric ë-C3 Launched In Europe Is Very Different Then India!

EASY ELECTRIC LIFE thanks to 44kWh battery pack providing up to 320km (199 miles) WLTP driving range, and 100kW DC fast recharging from 20 to 80 percent capacity in just 26 minutes.

FULLY EQUIPPED, all-new Citroën ë-C3 surprises with comprehensive portfolio of equipment, smart solutions including all-new C-ZEN LOUNGE, innovative approach reinventing the dashboard.

VALUE FOR MONEY: 320km range ë-C3 to be offered at net price starting at 23,300 Euros as Citroën aggressively ramps up its mission to make all-electric mobility accessible to all. Citroën promises even more affordable 200 km range ë-C3 to come by 2025, starting at 19,990 Euros.

All-Electric ë-C3 Launched In Europe Is Very Different Then India!

Designed from outset around global BEV-native Citroën ‘Smart Car Platform’, ë-C3 debuts new Citroën design language and brand signature.

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