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All Electric Significantly Updated Lexus UX 300e Revealed!

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Lexus announces the global debut of the new UX 300e, a significant evolution of the brand’s first production BEV model. The updated UX 300e joins the new UX 200/250h announced earlier this year, with deliveries scheduled to begin in spring 2023.

Since the 2005 launch of the RX 400h, the world’s first hybrid SUV, Lexus has been a pioneer of electrification in the luxury market. Based on the electrification vision “Lexus Electrified” announced in 2019, Lexus aims to meet the diverse needs of global customers through a broad range of electrified vehicles, from HEVs to PHEVs and BEVs. Using electrification technology to significantly enhance fundamental vehicle performance, Lexus continues to refine the timeless joy of the automobile, through hallmark precision and sophistication. In 2020, Lexus launched UX 300e as the brand’s first production BEV model. In 2022, this was followed by the introduction of the Lexus RZ, a dedicated BEV model. As of the end of August 2022, cumulative sales of Lexus electrified vehicles stand at approximately 2.3 million units, as the brand accelerates their development and adoption to contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society.

2023 Lexus UX 300e (2)

In addition to its maneuverable body size and unique “UX” urban compact crossover design, the UX 300e is highly regarded by customers seeking a distinctly quiet and refined BEV driving experience. The enhancements announced for the UX 300e are based on the relentless pursuit of perfection under an “Always On” philosophy. Enhancements unique to the BEV powertrain include a newly developed battery pack with a capacity increased from 54.4 kWh to 72.8 kWh, resulting in a cruising range of 450 km*1―over 40% longer than the current model. The UX 300e also inherits the further refinements made to the dynamic precision of the UX series for confidence-inspiring performance, along with the expanded functionality of active safety technologies, and the evolution of advanced features through the latest multimedia system.

The updated UX 300e underwent rigorous testing and evaluation at Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama. The low center of gravity created by the under-floor placement of the BEV battery pack gives the UX 300e a natural performance advantage, as do standard rear Performance Dampers*2. For even more refined dynamics, body rigidity was strengthened with the addition of 20 spot welding points, and the Electric Power Steering (EPS) and shock absorbers were optimally tuned for the all-electric model.

When it comes to advanced technology, the functionality of the “Lexus Safety System +” active safety technology was expanded with the aim of providing a safer and more secure driving experience. In addition, the latest multimedia system brings a larger, higher resolution touch panel display, the form and switch layout of the instrument panel and console area have been optimized, and two new Type-C USB connectors have been added to the front of the console for improved usability when charging devices.

The UX 300e takes full advantage of the electric powertrain configuration. As a unique BEV characteristic, it does not carry front-heavy objects such as an engine, allowing heavier components to be placed towards the center of the vehicle for optimum front/rear weight distribution and moment of inertia. The low center of gravity provided by the underfloor battery pack and the rear Performance Dampers*2 complement these attributes to refine the dynamics and enhance the sense of connection between the car and driver. The underfloor battery also acts as a sound barrier, and extra attention was focused on wind noise and road noise from gravel and other materials that became apparent in the absence of engine and transmission sounds. The result is a comfortable, quiet interior space.

2023 Lexus UX 300e (3)

The newly developed battery pack extends the cruising range by more than 40% to 450 km*1 compared to the current model and achieves an energy consumption of 166.7 Wh/km*1.

Cruising Range 450 km
Energy Consumption 166.7 Wh/km
Battery Capacity 72.8 kWh
Fast Charging Standard CHAdeMO
Maximum Output (kW[ps]) 150 [203]
Maximum Torque (Nm[Kgf・m]) 300 [30.5]

A total of 20 spot welding points were added to the vehicle body around the side and back doors to improve structural rigidity. In addition, the car was driven extensively at Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama in order to further tune the EPS, shock absorbers, and other components. The aim was to achieve a linear response faithful to the driver’s intentions, such as the confidence-inspiring feeling of seamless deceleration, steering, and acceleration in all driving situations.

In order to achieve the ultimate goal of a mobile society where fatalities from traffic accidents are reduced to zero, the new UX has expanded functionality of the Lexus Safety System + active safety technology. The aim is to prevent accidents, further reduce traffic injuries and fatalities, and to lighten the burden on drivers. Furthermore, an advanced digital key feature enhances customer usability, enabling door lock/unlock and EV System Start via smartphone. A panoramic view monitor with transparent ground surface image display has also been added to show the road surface conditions and tire position beneath the vehicle.

An improved single-lens camera and millimeter wave radar expand the Pre-Collision System safety capabilities by detecting bicyclists in the daytime and pedestrians at night. The system can detect oncoming vehicles before right turns in intersections, as well as crossing pedestrians approaching from the front when turning right or left. In addition, Emergency Steering Assist has been added, allowing assisted steering support within the lane when triggered by the driver’s input. Lane Tracing Assist (LTA), an advanced driving support function that assists in keeping the vehicle in the center of the lane, utilizes AI technology for lane recognition and expands the range of support, thereby achieving smoother and more consistent steering support.

A curve speed-control function that decelerates the vehicle in advance according to the size of an approaching curve has been added to Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (with an all-speed tracking function), which controls acceleration and deceleration so that the distance to an immediately preceding vehicle is constant within the speed set when driving on roads such as motor-vehicle-only roadways.

The emergency Driving Stop System supports the driver through audio and visual alerts and gentle deceleration if non-operation by the driver continues during the use of Lane Tracing Assist. It then activates the vehicle’s hazard lamps and horn to alert those outside the vehicle to help prevent or reduce damage to the vehicle or others, while slowing and eventually stopping the vehicle within its lane. After stopping the vehicle, the system unlocks the doors and makes an emergency call through an automatic connection to Help Net, which contributes to early driver rescue.

Installation of a dedicated smartphone app allows the smartphone to be used as a digital key for vehicles with this feature. In addition to being able to lock/unlock the doors via a smartphone screen, the EV system can be started by pressing the power switch while holding the smartphone. The vehicle can be operated with just one smartphone, even if you own multiple vehicles compatible with a digital key. In addition, because digital keys can be shared between smartphones, it becomes easier and more convenient to lend or borrow vehicles between far-away family members or friends.

The Panoramic View Monitor combines images from the front, rear, left and right side cameras of the vehicle and displays them on the center display. The newly added under-body transparent display function combines images of road surface conditions taken in the past with an image of the vehicle underbody, thereby helping the driver to understand road surface conditions and tire position below the vehicle.

2023 Lexus UX 300e (4)

The multimedia system and connected services have been dramatically re-envisioned for an improved customer experience. The system features the latest 12.3″ touch display with a larger size/higher resolution and an intuitive state-of-the-art multimedia system for ease of use. In addition, G-Link*3 functionality has been greatly expanded to provide services that are more meaningful in our customers’ daily lives. We will continue to further the personalized customer experience by updating our multimedia systems through OTA*4 software updates. In addition, the shapes and switch layout of the instrument panel and console area have been optimized in accordance with the use of the touch-screen display, and two new charging USB connectors (Type-C) have been added to the front of the console for improved usability.

The larger and higher resolution 12.3-inch touch display is mounted closer to the driver, allowing touch-screen operation without compromising driving posture. In addition, the shapes and switch layout of the instrument panel and console area has been optimized in accordance with the use of the touch display. The seat heater switches previously mounted in the center of the instrument panel have been placed on top of the console, and two USB charging connectors (Type-C) have been newly installed in the space in front of the console created by this change. In addition, the wireless charging space has been vertically extended and LED lighting has been added at the top for improved usability.

The UX 300e is equipped with the latest multimedia system for intuitive ease of use. Exceptional accessibility is achieved by continually displaying navigation, music, vehicle settings, and other menu selection icons along the driver’s side. The layout of the entire screen is divided according to function, thereby unifying the operation flow and focusing on easy operation.

The system employs a connected navigation system that uses cloud-based map information to obtain real-time traffic information and parking lot availability information. In addition, the navigation system uses a hybrid type system combining a conventional in-vehicle navigation system and a connected navigation system. The latest voice recognition function is enabled through voice activation, operating the talk switch on the steering wheel, or operating the microphone icon on the display. By saying a pre-defined activation word (e.g., “Hey Lexus!”), the voice recognition function can be activated without having to operate a switch or stop the music. The system also supports conversational style operation, as if you were talking to the car.

2023 Lexus UX 300e (1)

Apple CarPlay*5 and Android Auto*6, which feature certain exclusive functions of the iPhone*5 and Android*6 devices on the in-vehicle display is now available. Apple CarPlay supports Wi-Fi wireless connection*7 in addition to the conventional USB connection. The system is configured with a web browser that allows users to browse websites (news, blogs, streaming music, YouTube*6 videos, etc.) through an Internet connection utilizing the DCM (Data Communication Module).

The “My Settings” function allows users to register personal settings for vehicle multimedia systems, such as navigation and audio system, by linking to Bluetooth*8 devices (e.g. smartphones.) In addition, with a G-Link subscription, multimedia settings are stored in the data center and can be used in another vehicle. “My LEXUS” allows users to check the vehicle’s battery level and cruising range on their smartphones. In addition, services such as remote air conditioning, which allows activation of the air conditioning before getting in the car, are available. By using the “My Car Start Lock” function in the “My LEXUS” system, it is now possible to disable the vehicle EV system for a desired period of time. This feature increases security when the vehicle is not in use, such as at night, during long trips or while on business trips. The OTA*4 software update function enables software updates through wireless communication by DCM. In addition to improving multimedia display content and operability, this allows the addition of new functions and improved performance.

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