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India Bike Week Returns To Goa After Three Years!

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India Bike Week (IBW) is the mecca for those who eat, sleep and breathe riding in India. Leisure riders across India have been making their way, alone and in packs, to IBW for more than seven years now. Starting with a bang in 2013, at the time featuring 5,000+ motorcycle enthusiasts to the gathering it is today, IBW’s journey is a testament to the passion of thousands of riders across India.

India Bike Week in association with PETRONAS Sprinta, will offer an unforgettable experience of moto-culture in India, music, food, racing, shopping, adventure and biker camaraderie. Early bird bookings are open now for enthusiasts to secure participation at the festival that is returning to Goa after a forced hiatus due to COVID-19. The festival is expected to see one of the largest gathering of bikers beating any previous records.

Curated by festival specialist, Seventy EMG, IBW 2022 has been themed – ‘Come Home to The Wild’ as a callout for all those who crave to be their authentic selves and meet like-minded people with a shared love for two-wheels. Created as a celebration of motorcycling culture and motorcyclists, IBW embraces the passion, independence and adventurous spirit every rider, regardless of their gender, background and the ride they own.

India Bike Week Returns To Goa After Three Years!

The ‘Ride to IBW’ is only the start to an adventurous journey that starts with riding to Goa and converges into a slew of events that aren’t for the faint-hearted and entice the free spirit of brave heart riders. The event attractions will include: 5 different race tracks, Wheelie training, Ring of Fire, Biker’s Mart (Indoor & Outdoor Expo), RevMoto Stage, Big Trip sessions, IBW Previously Loved Garage, IBW Surf Day, IBW Collector’s Showcase, the Club Village and Jameson’s Howling Dog Bar. IBW 2022 will also feature The Big Forkers Meat Fest dedicated to the art of curing, grilling, smoking and barbecuing meats – from Goan Chorizo to whole hog roasts, spit roasts, fire & meat displays, churrascarias, tawa and tandoor – by the best 5 pitmasters from across the country.

IBW will also support the community with their Rides to IBW Goa, Secret Trails and Hideaway Rides within Goa, after parties and brunches. Each of these will have exciting activities for participants to be immersed in the wild experience that IBW is synonymous with and offering a chance to reconnect with the community that shares the same DNA.

“Riding makes you feel one with the world and yourself. It is a state of meditation triggered by the wish to know yourself better. And what could be better than meeting a community that is built of people who are looking to discover themselves and the world. In the 8th edition, IBW is larger than ever. What’s completely new about this edition are the 5 racing tracks for our biker friends at IBW – Adventure Flow Track, Flat Track, MX Dirt Dash, The Mud Rush, and the Enduro Hill Climb. It really will be Ride, Party, Race for all of us in Goa this year” says Martin da Costa, CEO of 70 EMG and Festival Director.

A celebration of riding culture, freedom and independence, IBW 2022 is all set to host the community of motorcycling enthusiasts. The early bird passes are available till October 16, 2022 for INR 2,300 for individual riders and INR 2,600* per person for a club with 25+ members.

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