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Dao EV Tech is a ‘Make in India’ dedicated smart electric mobility manufacturing start-up based in Hyderabad, with the mission to deliver reliable, high quality and innovative products through the ‘Make in India’ initiative with a mission to mature the EV industry in India. Dao EV Tech brings together solution and service expertise from USA and manufacturing and R&D excellence from China. These combine to make Dao a truly local brand with global expertise. Led by global business and technology veterans and with the support from international teams across the world, Dao EV Tech brings best practices to customers looking to shift to electric mobility.

Dao has a deep understanding of the EV industry and commitment towards innovation, bringing out the best value proposition for the customers. DAO EV Tech is a smart manufacturing company, which means technology and innovation is at the core of the company’s culture. India is witnessing exponential growth in the EV industry and Dao brings the global best of the EV manufacturing capability to the Indian consumer by providing reliable, durable products enabled by software and internet (IOT) so that electric mobility powers growth and prosperity for all.

Dao is 100% make in India project with the manufacturing at Hyderabad from day one. Dao plans to create an eco-system of components manufacturing for its production line. India is already the largest fuel driven 2 wheeler country in the world, EV Sector can access strong suppliers from there. Dao is working with major suppliers in the industry for the mechanical components such as wheel rim, tyres, chassis and more. The company follows the FAME-II guidance closely and focus on increased localization through sourcing directly in India. Currently, Dao is building its dealership’ network across multiple markets. Dao EV Tech vehicles will be launched across the country starting from Telangana & Andhra.

Dao EV Tech Product Line Up:

Dao EV Tech hits the Indian roads with an impressive line-up of sleek electric two-wheelers. The Vidyut 106 and 108, the 703, and the Zor 405. Each of these products are developed for specific usage and comfort that enhance lives of the consumers. The products are manufactured with attention to detail at a component level to ensure reliability and quality. Dao’s ultimate goal since day one has been to deliver a reliable and durable product ensuring global standards of quality by which the company plans to mature the EV segment over time.

All four Dao two-wheelers are strong, sturdy and designed to suit various usage purposes.

Unique LFP Thermosafe Battery Technology:

Dao’s products come equipped with the latest EV technology and LFP (Lithium-Ferrous-Phosphate) batteries which are more technologically advanced than the conventional Li-on batteries used in electric two-wheelers. LFP batteries are also equipped with a unique Thermosafe technology, highly crucial given Indian summers when some parts of India see temperatures as high as 56 degree Celsius.

Senior Leadership Team:

Dao EV Tech is led by Dr Michael Liu, Chairman & CEO who is a Global front-runner and investor and a professor of economics, has a track record of having worked in multiple industry sectors such as outsourcing, international education, manufacturing, and tourism across the world over the past two decades.

Mr. Maneesh Singh Vice President – Strategic Development, DAO EV Tech will be driving the strategy and operations in India. He is an Engineer by qualification and has 25 years of diversified leadership experience in leading more than 25 Large Global Programs with Build-operate-Transition models in Design & Manufacturing Solutions space in India, Europe & USA.

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