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AMG Performance Center Now In Kochi and Chennai – 7’th In India, 400’th Worldwide!

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AMG Performance Center Now In Kochi and Chennai as the manufacturer launches AMG products and provides the same customer ultra exclusive service and sales experience

In-line with celebrating the 50 years of AMG globally, Mercedes-Benz India today, inaugurated India’s sixth and Kochi’s first AMG Performance Center at Rajasree Motors. With the new AMG Performance Center, Mercedes-AMG will now be offering personalized service to its AMG customers in Kochi. The seventh AMG Performance Center is to be inaugurated tomorrow in Transcar India in the bustling metro of Chennai, which is another key AMG market. With these two inaugurations, Mercedes-AMG now has 7 AMG Performance Centers in the country, namely, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Kochi and Chennai.

AMG Performance Centers are designed to offer customized Mercedes-AMG product experience and a commitment to service quality at every stage in the customer relationship. Mercedes-AMG offers an exceptional brand experience; providing luxury car owners and aspirers preferred exclusivity. The AMG Performance Centers are characterized by a consistently applied and unique AMG brand identity. High quality interiors with exclusive furnishings and a palette of colours that is representative of AMG, creates an exclusive atmosphere for driving enthusiasts.

Key Highlights of the Kochi and Chennai AMG Performance Centers
· Exclusive range of AMG cars at display and also demo cars for performance car enthusiasts
· Full dry wall construction as per the global standard of AMG Performance Centers
· Dynamically flowing room, integrating free-form dry wall structure to demarcate the spaces with right angles are broken up, constantly producing new

visual connection and slight lines along a fascinating spatial choreography
· The Regupol flooring with tyre marks, kerbs and Pit lane marking immediately bring to mind the world of motor sport
· The Shagpile carpet creates a pleasant atmosphere and improves the quality of the visit
· Large textile graphics give an emotional and passionate look to the entire area for performance enthusiasts
· The interactive sound module is guaranteed to create goosebumps and the passionate performance enthusiast can experience the distinctive sound of the

AMG vehicle
· Exclusive boutique and accessories area with mannequin displays

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Brief history of AMG center worldwide:

There are more than 400 AMG Performance Centers in 40 countries across the globe. The AMG sales and service experts ensure first-class service delivery at every touch-point throughout the customer relationship, through a rigorous and uniform global training program. The more than 400 AMG Performance Centers Mercedes-AMG established in all the key markets globally, embody a bespoke customer approach.

High-quality materials, exclusive Motorsport feeling and the hallmark AMG colours create a special consultation atmosphere. Highly trained AMG sales and service experts ensures consistent first-class customer consultation and care. These sales touch points, which have been part of the Mercedes-Benz distribution network since 2008, create an optimal market reach of the brand.

Then there is a AMG Private Lounge. It is an exclusive AMG owner’s online community designed to interact and benefit from the knowledge of AMG owners worldwide. Some of the highlights of the engagement include lifestyle events and driver training courses all over the world. The AMG Private Lounge serves as a perfect place for AMG drivers and experts to exchange their opinions, techniques and experiences.

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