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Annual Mumbai Pune Expressway Traffic Can Be Easily Avoided Following Simple Guidelines

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The long weeks before and after Christmas made traffic impossible in many parts of India. This is especially true for those travelling to the hilly regions of Himachal Pradesh or Maharashtra. Motorists and tourists on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway faced traffic jams over the weekend. Heavy traffic on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway took 36 hours to clear, with thousands of vehicles stuck on the road near Lonavala and Khandala.

A video of cars parked with their hoods open on the side of the road on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway is doing the rounds on social media. Breakdowns on the road can be very frustrating for vehicle owners. In the mountains, the engine reaches peak loads and at least 60% more load than while driving on normal city roads.

Here are some common causes of car breakdowns and tips on how to avoid them. The following advisory should be issued three weeks in advance before any major holiday season or long weekends throughout the year for people to made self-aware of this situation.

All this will be a negligible affair by advisory from the press, traffic police and the government in time.

We recommend having the battery voltage checked by a technician before each trip and changing it every three to four years. Some warning signs of a bad car battery are dim lights and power windows that go fast. The voltage should not be 12-13 V.

A faulty alternator can prevent batteries from charging properly and damage other electronic components. Therefore, the technician should inspect it regularly and fix the problems. Pay attention to your vehicle’s ignition warning light and high engine temperature warning. This is a sign that the belt also might need replacement, as that also tends to snap above sea level, aka in the mountains.

Some issues associated with car engine failure are a faulty oil pump, old spark plugs, engine head gasket, gearbox fluids, low oil level, proper coolant level (no mixing water), engine overheating and engine burnout. It is important to service a car at a winter/summer/monsoon camp organized by the car manufacturer. Also, change the engine oil as often as required and recommended by the OEM. Fresh oil before the trip will turn out to be ideal instead of replacing post the trip.

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If the clutch plates burn or the clutch cable breaks, the car will not move. Symptoms, such as a clicking noise when shifting gears, the clutch is in a higher position than the normal rest position, or it feels strange when you press the clutch, there may be a problem with the clutch or flywheel. Never depress the clutch for a long time, and leave it in neutral as many times as possible in the mountains. Use handbrake if necessary.


Electrical issues
If you think there is an issue with your car’s electrical system, such as a flashing light or a issue with the power windows or other components, have your car checked by a technician. Installing after market electronics, such as additional lights or other accessories, can disrupt the entire electrical system and ultimately the battery. Also, don’t plug in search lights as they will drain the battery.

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