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Ather Scooter Gets Smart Eco Mode – Increases Range

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Ather Energy has released its new Over The Air (OTA) update for its ever-improving Ather 450 series. The new update, Atherstack Cylon, will offer the new ‘SmartEco’ mode to users. The first-of-its-kind feature has been designed to allow riders to achieve the scooter’s TrueRangeTM without impacting the performance.

The range of a ride is dependent on multiple factors, including the ride style (heavy acceleration, heavy braking), terrain (uphills, slopes), and the number of passengers on the scooter, among others. The new SmartEco mode will enable the vehicle to monitor the riding style and regulate the amount of power available to the rider by dynamically adjusting the maximum acceleration.

Ather Scooter Gets Smart Eco Mode - Increases Range (3)

This also adds an update to the user interface, where, based on the current efficiency of the ride, the update has added a power bar to the right-hand corner of the smart screen. The new bar indicates how efficient the ride has been and how much power is available. Keeping the bar in the blue zone by accelerating gradually denotes the scooter is being ridden efficiently and is on course to meet the TrueRangeTM target. When the blue bar lowers and turns red, it indicates that the power has been limited so that the TrueRangeTM target is met.

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From introducing upgrades like ‘Guide Me Home lights’ to real-time ride efficiency indicators to a new Eco mode, Ather Energy is the first two-wheeler company in India to offer feature and spec upgrades to existing consumers. The company’s community and consumer research have driven the past Over The Air (OTA) software upgrades, making the Ather 450 the only ever-improving two-wheeler.

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