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Bajaj Pulsar VS400 Benchmarked Along Kawasaki Versys 650, Aims At Touring

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Bajaj Pulsar VS400 Bench-marked along the Kawasaki Versys 650 says that it wants to be the best budget tourer in the country

If you look at the video spy footage of every single time the VS400 being caught tested. There is a motorcycle either in the front or back in the rear. The motorcycle is our very own Kawasaki Versys 650. The Versys 650 is the motorcycle that today the bikers aspire to have. The motorcycle has everything you need. Great suspension, proven engine, reliability, great performance and most of all ABS for the first time from Kawasaki from a sub 800cc motorcycle. The Versys 650 is now the best touring machine you can afford. The tall stance of the motorcycle also makes it an adventure tourer but the lack of dual sport tyres or traction control, switchable ABS means it is best to be stuck on the road.

That is what the Pulsar VS400 wants to offer. The VS400 wants to offer great touring capability with its sporty cruiser riding position, a powerful, throaty, torque filled engine. VS400 is said to be based on the Duke 390 engine at the bottom end and the upper half of the engine will be made by Bajaj. New valve-train design, 3-spark plugs and other things in the head such as camshafts, timing chains and everything will be optimised to suit the role of the cruiser sports. We expect a great mid range like its sibling where it borrows from the engine.

The power and torque ratings are unknown, but given that we saw same formula being applied for the 200 series of motorcycles from Duke onto the Pulsar, we can safely assume best numbers such as 35-38 BHP and 25-30 Nm of torque. More weight than the Duke 390 and much more lengthier bike along with a large swingarm will make things comfortable when it comes ride quality while somehow maintaining dynamic capabilities. Launch isn’t far away and we should know more details about it.

Mohit Soni
Mohit Soni
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