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Battery Operated Mahindra Thar is the Toy your Kids need

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Start them young with this Battery Operated Mahindra Thar toy car

For almost all of us, the legendary Mahindra 550Di for the army and the stylish Mahindra Classic have been the heroes of our childhood. We all stared in awe to those rare military camouflage covered Mahindra’s and dream of owing them. Thus, for many among us, the Mahindra Thar is a continuation of that dream, and why not, the Thar is the spiritual successor of those iconic go-anywhere Mahindra’s. With our elders who share their stories of how they used to travel through non-existence road infra back in the times to our same age groups that continue spreading those stories, we have all connected to the Mahindra’s legacy. So what will you do to make the next generation fall in love with the brand? Yes you will get then this Battery Operated Mahindra Thar.

Battery Operated Mahindra Thar

With this really cute interpretation of the rough and rugged Thar, Mahindra is taking its Live Young, Live free tagline to the cutesy toddlers. The Toy car mimics the styling of the original perfectly and the red colour shade in the picture does suit it incredibly well. Mahindra has even modified its tagline for these tiny human beings as well and it now reads ‘Live younger, Live freer’ and we like it. The toy consists of a 6-Volt battery and a charger comes with the package. Other features of the Battery Operated Mahindra Thar are the premium push button start, four-channel remote control, radio speakers, and original Thar Logo on the sides.

Looking at the pictures, we can safely say the Battery Operated Mahindra Thar toy car will be made available in at least two colour shades, Black and Red and we are totally digging the black one. Without doubt this tiny little Battery Operated Mahindra Thar looks fascinating and would be a perfect gift for your 3-7 years old kids. However, we are not so sure it this can do some of the hardcore off-roading theatrics like the original one, but still, kids are bound to enjoy driving this.

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