BMW 6 Series GT Launched at Auto Expo 2018


BMW 6 Series GT Launched at Auto Expo 2018 at an attractive price tag. Will go against niche rivals in the premium luxury sedan segment

The dashing descendant BMW 6-series will be called the 8-series, because they are virtually identical in size, and this credit mainly goes to the 6-series Gran Turismo, which has levelled up from its previous 5-series designation, now crowned with the number, which once denoted BMW’s sensuous automobile. Though there has been a change in the number, BMW’s big hatchback is still residing in the same wheelbase just as its forerunner. The dimensions have been jerked to certain effects as the new model has a proud 3.8 inch long body, and is 1 inch lower than the model being sold out currently, with the width being much similar. Though this is not a significant difference, the new car is a bit more appealing to the viewer, unlike the ungainly 5-series GT.

Few of the antecedent acclaimed idiosyncrasy has vanished. The apportionment existing between the rear seats and the trunk is long gone, resulting in the lack of its presence to isolate the cabin from the opened hatchback. However BMW, feels fine with just the postern recliner confining the cabin.

The convoluted lift-gate, could be opened in its plenitude, or with a separate trunk-lid, present right after the mizzen window, which is scrapped in favour of a simple, single piece hatch. BMW also feels that the access to the trunk, without disturbing the postern passengers was available in its previous automobiles. BMW affirms that the European model, is an all new auto, which is much lighter than the outgoing model by a mean of three hundred and thirty pounds, which would unleash a ravenous performance, both on straight line and twisty back roads.

Customers who purchase from the Indian market are able to get only the 640i Gran Turismo xDrive, which is well crafted with all-wheel drive and BMW’s turbocharged B58 3 litre engine, inline-six boasting a power rating of 335 hp and a top level torque of 332 lb of torque. Placidly, there is only one transmission, which is the pervasive ZF 8HP eight-speed automatic.

The doors are munificently sized, with frameless windows, along with roomy interiors, decked with stunning ivory white seats, and other necessary facilities. The privately designed dashboard arrives straight from the 5-series sedan, in addition to the spacious trunk which is efficient enough of holding between 31 and 65 cubic feet of stuff. Like all of BMW’s Gran Turismo models, the 6 series GT proudly dons a raised recliner, positioned downside of which is a raised centre of gravity, which is a loss to handling. The appearance inside and out can be tailored with different trim levels.

The standard model is a parroted version of the Sport, but there’s also a Luxury trim and an M Sport package, and it is very much appearing like the actual M model. The ex-showroom price of the BMW 630i Gran Turismo Sport Line is INR 58,90,000.

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