BMW G310R Video, Photo With Its Rivals Seen For the FIRST TIME!

BMW G310R Video, Photo With Its Rivals Seen For the FIRST TIME having fun on the roads of Russia, in Russian style, showcasing some quick facts and lot of things to be desired

The Story Unfolded First on Thrust Zone. BMW G310R is the most anticipated motorcycles of all time. Last time a motorcycle was highly anticipated was one its rivals that it will fight against with. While there has been news that the G310R launch has been postponed in India by a couple of months, it doesn’t stop things happening in the rest of the world. We all thought that the first ever G310R news or test will come from ground Germany or India, but that hasn’t happened.

A couple of blokes in Russia apparently have had their hand on the spanking new BMW G310R! It looks like a normal day in Russia and BMW G310R roars to life in real life conditions for the first time in this video. Surprisingly, it has been with all its rivals, which includes the Yamaha MT-03, the KTM Duke 390 and Kawasaki Z300. We can hear and see the BMW accelerate of the line and first impressions of the engine sound is that of a torquey, thrashy single-cylinder, which revs modestly enough to give us a hint of what it will be like.

Later in the video we can see there is a time where all its peers accelerate into the horizon, but the BMW G310R simply cannot match up to them. G310R can be seen reaching 126 km/hr on the speedo in very less time from 50-60 km/hr. We cannot understand what the guys have talked on the video. Since this was a typical day in Russia, while these guys were riding, a car had to misbehave and bring all bikers to halt at around 4:20 minutes into the video.

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However, the funny part is when the MT-03 rider mimics the driver for sitting like an idiot in the driver’s seat who was crouched with his face very close to the steering wheel at 4:45 minutes into the video. Jokes apart, they seem to be appreciating the BMW G310R for its modest performance and comfortable ergonomics. The video is closing by laughing at the KTM Duke 390 riders who couldn’t get his rear wheel spinning (tiny burnout). Bikers will be, well, bikers. All in all, first impressions might not be great, but we will leave it to our specific testing, when the G310R finally makes into India by early 2017.

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