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BMW Patents ShiftCam VVT Tech For Single-Cylinder G 310 Series Engine

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BMW Motorrad recently received a patent for its new ShiftCam-type variable valve timing system for a single-cylinder engine. The patent suggests that the new VVT system will help improve fuel consumption and emissions while the overall weight. It will also improve power and torque figures on motorcycles. While BMW’s bigger Boxer engines get ShiftCam tech, the company seems to be making it more accessible, which will particularly affect its G 310 series of motorcycles.

BMW filed the patent in February 2023 with the German patent office. The document states that the valve actuating elements can be connected together to affect a predetermined valve lift and timing on one or more valves at once. These elements can include two more cam pieces or one cam piece with two or more different cam contours to control valve timing for different purposes. The compact design of the system will allow for all the benefits mentioned above including more power, lower emissions, better fuel efficiency and the like. The new tech can make way for two or more actuation profiles for the valve train, which would make way for mapping for selectable ride modes.


BMW Motorrad will be primarily looking at updating the G 310 series with the new ShiftCam tech. The company is known for updating its products with the new constant improvements over time and the G 310 range could certainly use that. Moreover, the new tech will help make the engine ready for future regulations, while improving power output to take on updated offerings from other players.

Of course, filing a patent does not necessarily mean that BMW will introduce the tech on its bikes. There is no official communication so far but the company could give us an update when the model is closer to launch. There is no word on when the company would introduce the updated range. The implications though will be huge though if and when the tech goes into production.

Not only will BMW Motorrad produce the updated engines in India at the TVS plant, but the tech could also make it to its Indian partner’s offerings as well. This means big changes and updates for the TVS Apache RR 310 in the future and possibly the long-rumoured RR 310 streetfighter.

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