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Bodyshell Stable On Citroen eC3 – Zero Stars In Global NCAP Ratings

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In a new Global NCAP crash test result the Citroën ë-C3 scores a zero star adult occupant rating and just one star for child occupant safety.

The assessment is amongst the final tests in the #SaferCarsForIndia campaign as Bharat NCAP becomes fully activated this year.

Produced in India, the ë-C3 will be available globally for emerging markets. The significance of this disappointing zero star result therefore has worldwide safety relevance.

The Citroën ë-C3 was given a zero star rating for adult occupant protection because it showed poor protection to the passenger’s chest and weak protection to the driver’s chest.

Side head protection systems are not present, even as an option, and ESC is not present in the model range.

Statement from the company dated 22-03-24 – “Stellantis confirms its vehicles comply with all current local market regulations and its commitment to safety with six airbags and additional safety features as standard across products in India during the second half of the year.”

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Child occupant protection received just one star as the model does not offer three point belts in all positions and does not offer a passenger airbag disconnection switch. The head of both child dummies impacted with the vehicle interior and the car offers only one position which is suitable for a universal child seat.

Frontal impact: the protection offered to the driver’s and passenger’s head and neck was good. Driver’s chest showed weak protection while passenger’s chest showed poor protection limiting the result to one star. Driver’s knees showed marginal protection as they can impact with dangerous structures behind the fascia, passenger’s knees showed good protection. Driver’s tibias showed marginal and good protection and passenger’s tibias showed good protection.

Bodyshell Stable On Citroen eC3 - Zero Stars In Global NCAP Ratings

Footwell area was rated as unstable. The bodyshell was rated as stable and it is capable of withstanding further loadings.

Side impact: head showed marginal protection, chest showed adequate protection and abdomen and pelvis showed good protection. The difference between front and side impact made the car to lose one star in the overall result. Side pole impact: not performed as there is no availability of side head protection even as optional. ESC is not fitted as standard and does not meet minimum availability requirements according to Global NCAP’s criteria. SBR does not meet minimum Global NCAP requirements for scoring. All this explained the 0 star result.

Frontal impact: the child seat for the 3 year old was installed forward facing using the adult seatbelt and it could not prevent excessive forward exposure and head contact with vehicle interior that explained the zero points in dynamic for Q3 Frontal crash. Side impact showed full protection. Rear right position is exempted for universal CRS by the manufacturer so dynamic points cannot be scored for Q3.

The child seat for the 18 month old was installed rearward facing using the adult seatbelt and it was able to prevent head exposure during the frontal impact offering almost full protection however in the side impact the head was exposed and dynamic points were zero for this scenario. The car does not offer 3 point belts in all seating positions as standard. The vehicle does not offer at least 2 Isofix positions as standard. Marking warning consumers about the risk of rearward facing CRS in the front passenger position fulfils the requirements. The car does not offer the possibility to disconnect the passenger airbag in case a rearward facing CRS will be installed in this position. The CRS installation failed in the rear centre position due to the lap belt and was not able to score in the rear right position due to manual exemption.

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