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GLIDA And Statiq Framing Partnership For Betterment Of EV Customers!

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GLIDA (formerly known as Fortum Charge & Drive India) and Statiq, the two leading players in India’s electric vehicle (EV) charging service, have entered into a partnership, to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles across the country. This seminal collaboration aims to redefine the landscape of EV charging infrastructure across India, promising enhanced convenience, accessibility, and empowerment for Passenger Electric Vehicle (PEV) users nationwide.

Through the partnership all public chargers under GLIDA charging network can now be used through Statiq App as well, offering users visibility and accessibility to GLIDA’s entire charging network, covering existing and upcoming chargers. Through this collaboration, EV users will benefit from seamless interoperability between Statiq and GLIDA charging stations enabling wide network access by omitting multi-app usage needs for charging and connectivity. GLIDA Chargers shall continue to be accessed through GLIDA App and Charge-Thru (App agnostic weblink solution designed for the ease of EV users).

Mr. Awadhesh Kumar Jha, Executive Director, GLIDA, said, “Our strategic partnership with Statiq emphasizes our commitment to advancing the EV charging infrastructure in India. This unique collaboration opens newer avenues for users to seamlessly discover, access and conveniently experience charging on GLIDA’s pan-India network facilitated through the Statiq App as well besides its own App and App agnostic Charge-Thru. This move allows us to leverage our expertise in green mobility solutions to build a robust & sustainable EV charging infrastructure aligned with the evolving customer needs . Together, we are paving the way for a cleaner and greener future, and thus making it ‘All Lights Green’ for our end users. We believe in the power of collaboration and co-creation to offer high-value service proposition to the customers. This initiative further fortifies GLIDA’s vision of electrifying mobility in India by investing in smart and innovative solutions today for a cleaner tomorrow.”

GLIDA And Statiq Framing Partnership For Betterment Of EV Customers!

This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a sustainable transportation ecosystem. With 850+ GLIDA’ charging points set to be accessible to an EV user through various ways including the Statiq app, this partnership marks a significant step forward in the alleviating a major concern of users and thus, it will help accelerate smoother adoption of EVs, emphasizing on the importance of collaboration in advancing sustainable mobility solutions. As India embraces the transition to electric vehicles, partnerships like this will play a crucial role in building the infrastructure necessary to support widespread adoption and foster a cleaner, more sustainable transportation ecosystem.

Speaking on the collaboration, Mr. Raghav Arora, Co-founder & CTO of Statiq, said, “We are thrilled to partner with GLIDA to accelerate the transition to electric mobility in India. This partnership is a pivotal step in our mission to create an extensive and user-friendly EV charging ecosystem in the country. By integrating GLIDA’s chargers into the Statiq app, we are enhancing convenience and affability for EV users. This partnership underscores our shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer-centric solutions. By combining our strengths, we aim to create a seamless charging experience for EV owners and play a pivotal role in shaping India’s sustainable transportation ecosystem.”

In line with Statiq’s broader strategy, the company is actively collaborating with various charge point operators (CPO’s) to help, new and existing EV users access a reliable charging infrastructures across partner Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and do away with the problem of maintaining balance in multiple apps. Now Statiq Credits can be seamlessly used across all partner CPOs. This commitment ensures that users have access to a diverse and interconnected charging infrastructure.

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