Boys and Machine – Read What The Founder Has To Say About The Journey


Cars are more than a piece of moving metal. It is the marvel that bridges the soul to the materialistic world. Thrill, excitement, speed are experiences that transforms people to be more creative, energetic, and above all happy. However, not all cars top high speeds that can enumerate that feeling. Not all cars are reliable to test. Not all cars are sporty enough. But, then comes a dedicated set of machines that are capable of bringing that thrill to life. Yes, high-end luxury cars from the best automobile manufacturers in the world. Luxury cars are a symbol of success, passion, and hard work. That comes at a price. Prices only the high-net worth individuals can afford. Thus, the mission is to bring high-quality luxury cars at a competitive price point for those who have always dreamt of owning a luxury car. This is where Boys and Machines steps in. We offer pre-owned luxury cars without compromising on quality and offering the best price for extravagant machines. We are known to offer an exhaustive range of fine cars that reeks in quality. We make dreams comes true.

When the world was in the early stages of unlock Covid-19 during October, an idea came to my mind that can further reach more people to experience the best-in-world automobiles. Being an automotive enthusiast right from my early days, an inclination was there to do something significant in this field. Founding Boys and Machines took us a yard closer to connect with like-minded automotive enthusiasts who are passionate to buy a luxury car at an affordable price.

Despite the pandemic, more people were opting for personal vehicles and were not yet ready to use public transport. Individuals who were frequent flyers between close by cities (Delhi to Chandigarh, Mumbai to Pune, etc.) preferred to close their journey on a comfortable luxury car rather than travelling on unsafe flights. The plan was big but we started small. A team was assembled and we started up by opening the first outlet in base city, Gurugram. We opened showooms in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad to further grow our presence. With each new showroom, we came one step closer in achieving our mission.

Siddharth Chaturvedi - Founder & Managing Director - Boys and Machines
Siddharth Chaturvedi – Founder & Managing Director – Boys and Machines

The company’s primary criteria is maintaining quality. To deliver the best quality cars to our customers at the best price. To ensure this pillar covers the foundation of our growth, we use a self-owned showrooms system rather than a franchise-based model. Though, franchise-based model could have raked in more sales but the quality control flows inversely. We have a team of skilled engineers and mechanics carrying out a thorough check on the luxury car. Once the check is done, the car is bought by us and the overall quality is bumped-up. This makes the car near to a brand new one. The car is then listed on Boys and Machines website and is open for sale. Performance numbers have been strong. The bigger part is we built a base of happy customers. Customers whose dreams have come to life.

To make it even bigger, we are planning to expand our cohort of showrooms. We are planning to open three more showrooms in Indore, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad respectively. This will enable us expand our footprint into Tier 2 cities, making us the only national player with a physical presence and footprint across the country. This will help in reaching more customers and making more dreams come true. Offering high quality at affordable price points is our base of business and we are ready against all odds to make it happen. During a pandemic when the world is largely at a halt, we plan to make people move in pure comfort and luxury.

-By Siddharth Chaturvedi – Founder and Managing Director, Boys and Machines.

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