Thursday, September 28, 2023

BREAKING! Hyundai and Kia Raided in Germany For Use Of Diesel Defeat Device

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Multiple agencies have raided eight properties Hyundai and Kia offices in Germany. The raid is conducted in the context of finding evidence as the agencies believe that Hyundai and Kia have sold diesel engines with defeat devices. A la, Volkswagen trick from the year 2015 that became the biggest diesel defeat device scam in the world. Here, it is believed that Hyundai and Kia may have sold 2,10,000 cars with diesel engines that have defeat devices in them.

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Similar suppliers such as Bosch and Delphi owned by Borgwarner are suspected to be involved just like how they were involved with other diesel gate scams that have come to light over the years. Hyundai spokesperson confirmed that their properties are being raided and they are now coordinating with the authorities. It is highly likely this could be a worldwide issue for the Korean car maker. India-specific details are unknown for now. Stay tuned for details. We will update this article as we get more on this developing story.


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Mohit Soni
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