Bren Garage – An Enthusiast’s Dream Garage In India!


If you are a racing car enthusiast, then you might not need the introduction to Bren Garage. Located in Bangalore, the garage is home to some of the most exclusive and powerful sports cars in the history of automobiles. Prominent among these are the likes of Porsche Cayenne, 997 Turbo, and 991.2 Turbo S, all three proving instrumental in attracting a lot of driving addicts to visit the place.

As these models are revered highly among driving aficionados, these are the first ones welcoming you with a high spirit of performance and racy characters as you enter the premises. However, nothing can equal the charm of witnessing the sheer beauty and sensational demeanour of 911 R which continues to remain one of the super-exclusive cars not only the in Indian scenario but also among the global market.


A Huracan slashed in a dashing yellow paint greets you as you get down in the basement of the garage. Parked there Ferrari 458 Speciale got an aura of its own and even placed among some of the other star attractions; the prancing horse has got some indomitable spirit. Aston DBS, Audi R8 V10 Plus, and Cayman GT4 are some of the other special cars you can see in their full Glory in the basement Bren Garage.


Overall even a cursory look at the collection is good enough to reveal the love and admiration of the owner of the garage, Bren towards the Porsche brand. The presence of a super-exclusive 911 R model (only 991 units of the model has been produced by Porsche) is a testimony of how much Bren is smitten by the charm of VW-owned Porsche. Bren reasons his biased towards the Porsche citing the high technology prowess and driver involvement that the brand offers. According to Bren, driving Porsche is an experience that one would like to have time and again as these super machines offer a perfect combination of speed, technology, and sheer driving pleasure.


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