BS6 MG Hector Diesel and Petrol Prices Out – Know Details


After upgrading the petrols silently to BS6, the BS4 diesel is now converted into BS6 as well. The manufacturer is the last to upgrade to this emission norms despite donor and one more buyer of the same engine, Jeep and Tata respectively have upgraded two months ago. The manufacturer has now taken up the price by Rs. 40/45,000 throughout all variants as seen in the list below. We won’t surprised to know in the future that these introductory prices. BS6 MG Hector petrol and diesel prices are both mentioned below for your reference. Everything else remains the same in terms of equipment, design and interior.


A large touch screen which is the highlight in the interior which can address to a lot of voice commands. Interior quality is medicore at its best and the cabin is spacious enough along with a large boot. A panoramic sunroof is now not its unique feature as the manufacturer has aced by Tata as it offers the same with its new 2020 Harrier upgraded version. Diesel automatic, the most loved and preferred in SUV’s is still a miss from the MG Hector.


Tata Harrier has aced it there as well and could see the sales chart on fire post pandemic. MG Hector continues with a heavy features list for base variants as well including projector lamps, fog lamps, chrome in most areas and height adjustable seat. Top of the line variant comes with everything a SUV owner would ever need. Climate control, a fantastic sound system and powered seats to name a few. Expect the BS6 MG Hector Diesel motor to be a bit more smoother and better on NVH as seen on other two SUV’s using the same engine in the same tune.

Variants BS4 Diesel price BS6 Diesel price Price difference
Style Rs 13.48 lakh Rs 13.88 lakh Rs 40,000
Super Rs 14.48 lakh Rs 14.88 lakh Rs 40,000
Smart Rs 15.88 lakh Rs 16.33 lakh Rs 45,000
Sharp Rs 17.28 lakh Rs 17.73 lakh Rs 45,000

Style 1.5 Petrol Rs. 12.74 Lakh
Super 1.5 Petrol Rs. 13.55 Lakh
Super Hybrid 1.5 Petrol Rs. 14.15 Lakh
Smart Hybrid 1.5 Petrol Rs. 15.25 Lakh
Smart 1.5 DCT Petrol Rs. 15.95 Lakh
Sharp Hybrid 1.5 Petrol RS. 16.55 Lakh
Sharp 1.5 DCT Petrol Rs. 17.45 Lakh


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