Dyneema Riding Gear Will Change The Future Of Safety Apparels For Motorcyclists


Dyneema Riding Gear Will Change The Future Of Safety Apparels For Motorcyclists as it far more robust and easier than the current spec riding gear

The automotive space worldwide is witnessing new wave of innovations. Car and bikes are getting new technologies and even the riders’ wardrobes are becoming more sophisticated. Take, for example, the Dyneema product. The name may not be alien to the fiber industry but yes, its use in the motorcycle gear segment is something unheard of before.
With Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) as its building blocks, the Dyneema has got a wide application area.

It plays an important part in sailing the ships, manufacturing of bullet proof jackets, and even repairing the human beings. Dyneema is resistant to moisture, stronger than steel and aramids, and its lightweight property enable it to float on the water. No wonder, the material has now found a new application to weave Denim for motorcycle safety gear.

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The new apparel scheme conceived by the designers will have 62% Dyneema and it allows for 3.75-second slide time before it wears through (normal denim’s slide time is 0.4-second). Dyneema claims that their next advancement will further enhance the abrasion resistance capacity of fabric by 20-30%. For now, Saint and EI Solitario the two leading companies using the Dyneema to make motorcycle safety apparels for the targeted buyers. In time, more companies are expected to join in though these two will retain edge owing to early entry and aesthetic appeal.

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Many users have given positive reviews about Saint unbreakable denim jacket. Users are impressed by its soft touch feel and also happy that the jacket is feathered light. Many of us are already aware about the importance of the safety gear and the Dyneema products from Saint and EI Solitario are the great ones to get started. For others, the realization of the importance that safety gear provides is the very first step to start with.

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