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EICMA 2017: Scrambler Desert Sled and Scrambler Café Racer Is Plain Perfection, Seriously!

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Scrambler Desert Sled and Scrambler Café Racer will make sure you grow old in style and live longer because it is pure happiness

And Ducati is back at what it does best, leaving the motorcycle world astonished with its absolute motorcycle intellect. We all knew they were coming and we all knew that Ducati will expand its Scrambler line up. But yet, finally seeing the all new Scramblers we can definitely say that Ducati has not just surprised us profoundly but has once again captivated our imagination. Saying that, these two new Ducati Scrambler models just unveiled at 2016 EICMA, the Scrambler Desert Sled and the Scrambler Café Racer have absolutely nailed it. We knew that Ducati was looking closely at what people were building from their Scrambler’s and have literally thrown the ball out of the park for the custom scene. Scrambler Desert Sled and Scrambler Café Racer are here let’s look at the details.

The Scrambler Café Racer, to put it simply is the more fun and flavored version of the base Scrambler Icon. To make the Scrambler Café Racer, Ducati replaced the base bike’s tall one piece handlebar with clip-ons and bar-end mirrors. Not to forget, there’s that all important removable seat cowl out back. The result is a more classic looking spectacle on the Scrambler lines that literally out scores every café racer build there have been on the Scrambler in last couple of years.

Based, on the base Scrambler, this 2017 Ducati Scrambler Café Racer carries on with the 803cc engine and most of the mechanicals. Interestingly, somehow Ducati has managed to have an authentic Café Racer in its portfolio from the Scrambler design and yet both bikes look totally different from each other. The new 2017 Ducati Scrambler Café Racer will rival the likes of, Triumph Street Twin, BMW R nineT Racer, and others.

Along with the stunning Café Racer variant of the Scrambler, Ducati also showcased the Scrambler Desert Sled today. And with it, Ducati has finally got itself a modern scrambler that has its intentions clear of ‘not’ being just a styling element. To top it all, the Scrambler Desert Sled will ensure that you have some real good fun off-road, without all the clanking and the worries.

The Desert Sled gets a re-designed swingarm which is mounted in a way that eases the stress on the cases under serious Desert bashing or just your normal daily jumping from cliffs and stuff like that. Then there is that much needed suspension travel of 7.9 inches in total for both front and rear, while the shocks and the forks are clearly beefier. The bike also gets a reinforced the tubular frame, a motocross-style handle bar replaces the taller Scrambler Icon bars and has big footpegs for better bite as you tear through the desert.

The engine is carried out from the base Scrambler and the switchable ABS is still standard for both, the Scrambler Desert Sled and Scrambler Café Racer. The wheels, however, are now more off-road happy with a 19-inch front and 17-inch rear, with specifically designed Scorpion Rally STR tires. This is also the bike that Ducati considers to be the true second new Scrambler. As per Ducati, this bike was always on cards ever since the first Scrambler Icon arrived in 2014. Stay tuned for more updates regarding 2016 EICMA right here.

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