Exide Epiq Battery Launched With High Performance and Six Year Warranty Along With Exide Gold


Exide Epiq Battery Launched claims best in class performance and the highest amount of warranty of any its competitors

Exide Industries Ltd is the country’s largest manufacturer of lead acid storage batteries and power storage solutions provider. With seven international standard factories spread across the nation for producing batteries, the company offers one of the widest ranges of batteries for every conceivable application in automotive as well as industrial segments. To complete the entire value chain the company has two captive lead smelting units and two UPS manufacturing facilities. Exide also has manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka and does business globally through its subsidiaries and international affiliates.

Exide’s products are sold globally, particularly in developed markets like Australia, Japan and Western Europe, under its own brand names. Exide’s strong brand pull, established in India for about a hundred years, is supplemented by its nationwide dealer network and a very strong R&D center. With the help of its collaborators – Shin Kobe and Furukawa of Japan and East Penn of the US – Exide has consistently remained at the cutting edge of international battery technology and introduced various pioneering products and power storage solutions in the Indian and global markets.

Exide’s vast product range, that includes everything from the smallest UPS batteries to the giant submarine batteries, find applications in automotive, two-wheelers, inverters, UPS, power, telecom and railways, among others. Exide is also present in the non-conventional energy business where it designs and integrates solar and wind power solutions for use in remote areas of the country.

Exide Today launched a new range of automotive batteries in the Indian market branded Epiq. The battery comes with a 6-year warranty – the highest in the Indian market, showing the company’s confidence in its cutting edge technology.

As the Indian automotive market matures and new generation cars become more demanding with a slew of electrical gadgets putting more load on the vehicle’s electrical system, the battery has to live up to the expectations of the modern auto enthusiast and keep pace with this changing trend. To make a battery that will last for a long time in the Indian conditions, Exide has out-sourced a lot of technology. Epiq takes the automotive battery game to the next level.

Exide Epiq Battery hits the Indian streets after months of field trials by Exide in the trying Indian conditions. Technology has been adopted and adapted to suit the local requirements and unique ways of Indian driving realities like bumper to bumper jams and potholed roads.

While the Exide Epiq Battery will be manufactured in Exide’s cutting edge factories across the country, it will be sold exclusively through its national network of 1500 premium Exide Care outlets.Epiq, which is positioned and targeted at the highest end of the automotive battery aftermarket, will be available in full range for cars and SUVs operating in the Indian market. It will be the most premium vehicular battery from Exide.

While Exide Epiq Battery will be the flagship sub-brand of Exide, the company also launched a slew of other products targeted at the other segments of the automotive battery aftermarket. Anticipating the needs for a high performance battery at an affordable price, Exide also launched Exide Gold with 18-month warranty for the entire range of four-wheelers. For the commercial and metered taxi market it launched a competitively priced Exide Cabby.

Exide’s customer list includes some of the top most international names in industries as diverse as automotive, earth moving equipment, telecom and UPS manufacturers. With an annual total income of Rs 8702.53 crore (as on 31st March 2017), the company is the largest among the branded lead acid storage battery businesses in India. The company has been consistently profitable and paying a dividend every single year since its inception.

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