Extend Your Car’s Life! Follow These 9 Maintenance Tips


Extend Your Car’s Life! Follow These 9 Maintenance Tips to make sure you have a healthy car all through the life span

We know your car is a special possession that you own. You love it a lot and want it to stay for as long as possible. However,because of bad roads and poor driving habits of people around, your car seems vulnerable to damage, both internally and externally.

So, that reduces your car’s life, or at least its companionship with you. In just a few years, you have no option but to sell it off. However, following certain maintenance tips can help you extend your car’s life. Just give it the right care and attention,and it’ll happily be around with you for many years.


Here are a few maintenance tips that you can follow to take good care of your hot wheels:
1. Change Oil Regularly

Oil lubricates and cools various parts packed tightly inside your car engine. When you forego oil changes for a long time, you’re making your car vulnerable to reduced efficiency, metal-eating sludge and eventually engine failure. Make it a point to change the oil every 3,000 miles or so, or whatever your car manufacturer may have recommended you. This will keep the engine in good condition.

2. Keep A Check on All Fluids
Apart from oil, various other fluids need to be replaced frequently. This includes transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brakes fluid, radiator coolant and a few more for other parts. A check on fluid levels in between servicing can help prevent more severe damage to specific parts of your car later on.

3. Get New Filters
Various filters in your car serve important functions to maintain its healthy functioning.For instance, fuel and oil filters trap coarse sediments, andair filters keep the air inside clean and healthy.
Your car manual gives the recommended periods at which filters must be changed, so you may get it done according to that. Keep a check on it every few weeks.

4.Inspect the Tires Regularly
Tires are crucial to your car’s performance in both the short-run and long run. Tires come in direct contact with roads and any wear or tear in them affects your car’s speed, fuel efficiency and other vital aspects. So, it is important to get the tire’s air pressure and condition checked frequently. This will not just ensure that the tires last long but will also help in extending your car’s life.

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5.Get Quick Repairs Done
Another key to extending your car’s life is to not put off any repairs for later. Ignoring a minor repair may cause more grave damage to other parts of the car later on.
So, next time when you hear a jarring sound from the engine or find your breaks squeaking, don’t turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to it. Get it repaired immediately to avoid more expensive repairs later. Quick maintenance will keep your car in good stead always.

6.Keep Your Car in The Garage or Parking Space
Finding a safe parking space for your car may be a fight in today’s time. However, if you’re fortunate to have a garage or parking space of your own, then make sure to always park your car inside it. If you don’t have this kind of space, then cover your car when parking it. This will save your vehicle from dust, dirt, animal droppings and other things, protecting its sheen for much longer than otherwise.


7.Drive Carefully
Speed thrills most of you. However, over speeding, rash driving, sudden braking is wrong, unsafe and harms various parts of your car. All these practices exert pressure on the different car parts, wearing them out earlier than usual. So, when you drive correctly, you do much good for the various components of your car.

8. Keep It Clean
Keep your car clean inside out by regularly taking it for a cleaning service. Even on regular days, get the mats, the interiors,and the exteriors cleaned adequately with a combination of dry and wet cloth to avoid any dust or stains to settle in. Regular cleaning will maintain your car’s look and shine and will help you fetch a good resale value for it.


9. Get your Car Insured
Your car is also subject to many uncertainties like car accidents and damage due to disasters. All these can reduce your car’s life considerably and can also cause a dent in your pocket. Although such uncertainties cannot be avoided, you can cover yourself financially against these. For this, you must have a vehicle insurance policy that can reimburse you against vehicle damages, third-party liability and other such unexpected losses.

Buying vehicle insurance is now only a click away with most insurers having a presence online.Today, reputable insurers like Tata AIG General Insurance also offer add on coverages like reimbursement for depreciation, emergency import and hotel expenses and roadside assistance anytime. So, take good care of your car and let it drive you for years to come!

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