Farmer Buys Mercedes Benz – After Earning and Saving For 80 Years!

Farmer Buys Mercedes Benz as it was his dream and first saw when he was 8 years old. Today he could finally afford one and waited for a really long time

Dreams do come true, but you need to strive hard to achieve them. An 88-year-old farmer, H Devarajan from India has proved this by becoming an owner of a brand new Mercedes Benz B Class. With this H Devarajan has fulfilled his childhood dream of owning a Mercedes Benz.

According to a video released from Mercedes Benz Trans Car India, which is the dealership network of this luxury car brand, we can see the joyful family of H Devarajan taking delivery of their Mercedes Benz B Class. This is H Devaajan’s lifetime achievement and the dealership celebrated it with this video and a cake.

80 years ago when H Devarajan was just eight years old, he saw a Mercedes Benz and immediately fell in love with the logo – the three pointing stars. At that time he was unaware of the brand but he fell in love with it and dreamt of owning one. For 80 long years, H Devarajan worked hard to fulfil his childhood dream and he also said in the video that his wife supported him completely to buy this car.

The car H Devarajan now owns is the Mercedes Benz B200 CDI which is a cross between a hatchback and an MPV. Due to the tall boy design of the B Class, it gets a spacious cabin and also helps old people get in and get out of the car with ease. Powering the B200 CDI is 2143cc, four-cylinder diesel motor which produces 136 horsepower and 300Nm of twist. This diesel mill is coupled with a seven G DCT Dual Clutch Transmission and it can achieve a top speed of 210 kmph.

Towards the end of the video, H Devarajan and his wife are seen lifting the cover of their brand new Mercedes. Also, his wife does a pooja for their brand new car and welcoming this luxury car in their family. The car seen in the video has the registration plate of Tamil Nadu, the ex-showroom price in that state is around Rs 32 lakh for the Mercedes Benz B 200 CDI. With this, we learn to work hard and fulfil our dreams, because dreams do come true.

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