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First Ever Royal Enfield Advert Goes Viral and The Nostalgia is INTENSE!

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This could be the First Ever Royal Enfield Advert we cannot confirm at this moment, because we weren’t born when this advert probably came out

“Yeh Bullet Meri Jaan Manzilon ka Nishaan” is something we heard when we infants in diapers and today it is coming back at a time perhaps when EICHER needs it the most. All manufacturer are now aiming their guns (Pun intended) towards the Royal Enfield. Be it the Americans called Harley-Davidson, the endless range of motorcycles from Triumph in the classic category take away news from its another British brother and last but not the least, a friend of the company’s CEO is also going against with the Bajaj Dominar 400. Royal Enfield recently made a statement that all of this doesn’t affect them in any way. Let it be sales or the emotional bond that the manufacturer shares with millions of riders nationwide and even worldwide.

Royal Enfield goes strength to strength when it comes to sales as it continues gains a market share in the premium space. First Ever Royal Enfield Advert which is doing social media rounds for all the right reasons has been caught. A specifically composed music track and a very clean advert showcasing what the RE can do and has been doing every since it was made. The video begins as the Bullet thumps along the iconic streets of Bombay (because it was Bombay, not Mumbai back then! Political parties be damned) The Bullet goes of the beaten path, eats up the long horizon as it covers the distance, meets its friend with similar tastes.

At the very end, the Bullet claims that it is a strong and macho product. “Enfield Bullet, Gazab ki sawari” Even today? Well with modern competition caught up and offer classic-modern combination like never before, the Bullet still is Gazab ki sawari as it is the only motorcycle which sticks to the roots of providing its customer the pain, passion and the mighty thump at the same time of riding a ‘Royal Enfield’ which they don’t find anywhere else. Have a look at the video and witness some live *dug dug* *ahem* action.

Mohit Soni
Mohit Soni
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