Ford India 7 Winter Driving Tips That Is Need Of The Hour For Everyone


Ford India 7 Winter Driving Tips are important to follow over the next few months in areas where the cold weather can be a bit challenging

Winters are time most of us take time out to go out and enjoy the vacations and holidays that are on offer. Increasing amount of road trips and people taking personal cars more than ever before, everyone needs to know a certain amount of modern day tips along with age old techniques to make sure the journey smooth and planned. Ford India shares some key tactics and ideas how to make things pleasurable during a drive and what you should be looking forward to.

#Keep your windscreen clean and demisted.

When driving in wintery conditions, visibility is key so you need to make sure your windscreen, windows and mirrors are all free from grit and dust. Your wipers need to be in good working order to clean your windscreen effectively

#Visit local authorized dealership.

In addition to doing your own regular checks, a visit to your local dealership is advisable to make sure your vehicle is in tip top condition. The dealer can do a professional inspection of your windshield wipers, front and rear defrosters, car battery, lights and safety system to ensure all are in good working order for you.

#Plan your journey

Before you set off, check the weather forecast. It is also a good idea to listen to traffic announcements to find out about any accidents, road closures or road advisories that you may encounter on route. Trips can take longer during winter weather than other times of the year, so leave some extra time.


#Be prepared.

In case you are planning to travel to the hills which are prone to snow, make sure your fuel tank is full before you set off. Frosty conditions may cause delays which could make you walk to nearest petrol pump. Vehicle should always be equipped with a torch and a first aid kit. Take a fully charged mobile phone with the phone number of your breakdown provider stored in it so you can always call for help. And to keep you warm, to keep a blanket, jacket, some food and a flask of hot tea.

#Be attentive in foggy situations

If there is a fog warning, delay your trip until it clears. Incase that is not possible, always drive at a slow speed and use low-beam headlights. High-beams reflect off the moisture droplets in the fog, making it harder to see. Always have tail-lights and blinkers on so that other drivers can spot your car and maintain a safe distance. In case your car doesn’t have fog lights, keep yellow cellophane paper handy. Stick it to your car’s headlights and turn the high beam on.

#Adjust your speed.

It’s always advised to drive a little slower than normal and always make sure you have enough space between you and the car in front. Following distances should be adjusted accordingly. If you are going faster than you think, reduce speed gradually and avoid passing, changing lanes and crossing traffic. Right from slippery surface to visibility everything isn’t working in your or your car favor at times. In case of an accident or breakdown, pack a hi-visibility vest to make sure people can see you. In the end, enjoy the drive to the fullest!

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