Ford Mustang India Launch Commences at Rs. 65 Lakhs!


Ford Mustang India Launch commences at a really good price and begs you to own yourself one over any other luxury car

Ford in India, till date has been known for selling affordable hatchbacks, compact SUV and sedans. Latest entrant in the premium market, after a really long time was the all new Endeavour with engine options to choose from. Ford hasn’t had any premium vehicle above this since inception. Worldwide is known for making super hot hatches and iconic sports car. The pony car, Mustang is an iconic which is been in the making since 1965.

The year 2016 is when we see the Mustang rolling in the country for the first time. Ford promised this quite some time back. It showcased it at the Auto Expo and before it. Now the time has come to launch it properly and deliver on the price which was the only detail remaining. The price is stunning at Rs. 65 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi and has taken proper muscle car tradition in offering value for money in this segment as well. The other best part is, the price tag belongs to the V8 version and not the V6 and inline four Ecoboost engine that people get worldwide.

The 5.0 litre V8 flat plane crank engine makes 401 BHP and 515 Nm of torque. Mated to an automatic transmission the 0-100 km/hr is done in 4.5 seconds. The gearbox has paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Internationally, a six-speed manual transmission comes as standard, but we are getting an automatic because our premium market demands one.

Mustang this time is renowned to have best in class dynamics and that is thanks to using of independent suspension at the rear not leaf springs. The interiors have all the creäture comforts, connectivity options you expect from this car of this size and type. However, the main highlight is the V8 motor which will seduce enthusiast as it is the only one of the few naturally aspirated V8 motors found worldwide. So do you want that luxury sedan from Europe or you wan this, we know what we want!

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