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Gen 3 Platform – Tata Avinya Concept Revealed

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AVINYA Concept is like no other. It represents a giant stride towards a new breed of EVs. Our vision is focused on delivering wellness and rejuvenation while travelling, backed by cutting edge technology. A human centric design, which creates a new space and experience.

The doors open to reveal a bright and spacious interior assuring calm and an enjoyable sensory experience. The visual experience is decluttered, opened towards the outside flooding the cabin with natural light. Thanks to its innovative interior layout, the main volumes are hidden low and away from the occupants, to maximise the sense of space.

SoG generous surfaces are welcoming and friendly to the touch, in an inviting and warm interior where people will feel cared for. The steering wheel combines physical and digital inputs, to give the driver access to all the relevant information in a simplified manner.

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Instead of a traditional screen, the soundbar takes centre stage, with voice being the main interface for occupants to have a natural conversation with the vehicle. Technology exists to make life easier and the HMI is there to support, enable and facilitate the occupants, contributing to the human centricity of the concept.

Inclusive and individualised, each seat in the car o2ers a personal sound system, as well as an air vent. This helps enhance the passengers’ journey by creating a smarter and customized experience for everyone aboard, whilst optimising resources and impact on the environment if a seat is not in use. The aroma di2user, integrated in the centre console, creates an ambience, a serene atmosphere in which the vehicle becomes a real signature for the user. By curating these feelings across multiple senses, AVINYA Concept is creating a unique and unparalleled proposition for its passengers; a memorable experience delivered via a modern, attractive, and responsible vehicle.

Carefully aligned to the innovative interior design approach, the colour and materials theme has been craGed, to introduce a new aesthetic. Tapping into India’s vibrant colours, exquisite craGs, warmth, and natural beauty; this was the identity we wanted throughout the vehicle. As an example, subtle hints of warmth can be noted on the exterior paint which perfectly complement the interior, with its terracotta & light grey colour combination.

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The occupants are welcomed into a premium and warm cabin, reinforcing the feeling of a very modern and contemporary environment. The combination of di2erent tactile materials coupled with the subtle use of essential oils, add another level of refinement to the curated interior sensorial experience.

One of the most interesting aspects of this concept is its sustainable material story, especially its floor tiles. The “Second Life” concept is to mix a recycled plastic resin with local mineral waste, to create a new material which is unique, local, naturally coloured, and capable to be formed with a rich visual texture. In the AVINYA Concept, we are re-using oyster shell waste, which thanks to this process, gives a remarkably premium execution, a flooring made from naturally coloured tiles, warm and light in this instance. Being unique from one another in both colour and texture, the tiles contribute to creating a new kind aesthetic we are looking to implement in the future. The tiles are neither uniform nor perfect, yet they are beautiful. Furthermore, we are exploring di2erent solutions with regards to sustainability, including more natural and recycled materials. We are also using responsible manufacturing processes and are looking to source our materials locally, so that we can reduce our carbon footprint and have a much more transparent journey.

As we are moving into a new era of electric mobility, AVINYA Concept is an expression of our new spirit. An exciting vision of the future in which this new concept transcends the known archetypes and creates a completely new typology vehicle. A new ground-up Pure EV Architecture allows us to combine attributes from di2erent segments and bodystyles, to create a truly new product showcasing a revolutionary package and e2ortless beauty.

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Inspired by the timeless elegance of catamarans, AVINYA Concept is a pure, elegant vessel. By combining elements from SUVs, MPVs and Premium hatches, we have created a vehicle which o2ers practicality, versatility, and dynamic elegance.The uncluttered exterior is an exercise in simplicity. This begins at the front where a low sleek nose presents a striking lighting signature to the vehicle. An illuminated lower grille brings another level of visual excitement, sitting beneath the light signature. Emanating from the centre of the car, the light identity stretches out to the corners helping to accentuate the stability and width of the car. The mantra of ‘Less is more’ continues throughout the exterior where hidden technology allows ultimate efficiency without visual noise. E2ortless technology seamlessly integrated in the vehicle to simplify and optimise the occupants’ journey. A svelte yet muscular body flanks a liquid glass core. This flush glazed area is inspired by the varying depth and transparency of the ocean. Inner structural and technical elements are submerged beneath. Finally, the curvaceous central core of the car flows rearward ending into two translucent outer planes. These allow air to separate cleanly from the car and provide a new aesthetic that is both uniquely striking and efficient.

Overall AVINYA Concept follows a Human centric design which creates a new space and experience. AVINYA Concept is an expression of our vision.

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