Government Asking Manufacturers For Three-Point Seat Belt In All Seats


In what could be termed as an important decision on the safety front, the Government of India is expected to come up with the notification that will make it mandatory for all carmakers to provide the option of a three-point seat belt in all seats of their vehicles. This includes the rear middle seat of the car as most of the modern-day cars come with a two-point seatbelt system. Although front seats and side seats at the rear come with a three-point seat belt, the same is not true for the rear middle seat which usually gets the only two-point arrangement.

It is a well-known fact that three-point seatbelts are way safer than two-point seatbelts and once this regulation comes into effect, it is expected to strengthen the overall safety and security related to the passengers. Especially during the unfortunate incident of an accident, this three-point seat belt could prove a lifesaver for the middle passenger sitting at the rear seat.


It is also important to note that the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has recently approved the draft notification that makes it mandatory for the carmakers to provide a minimum of 6 airbags in the vehicles that have a carrying capacity of 8 passengers. There is no doubt that all these provisions are really beneficial for the safety and security of the passengers but at the same time, one has to keep in mind the cost implications related to these upgrades. Cars are expected to become costlier due to incorporations of these new equipment and the burden has to be borne by the prospective buyers by shelling extra money for purchasing the vehicles.

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