Gulf To Make Bajaj DTS-i Oil And Sell it, Strategic Partner for Lubricants


Gulf To Make Bajaj DTS-i Oil And Sell it, Strategic Partner for Lubricants hence forth in the market

Gulf Oil Lubricants India Limited (GOLIL), which is a part of Hinduja Group, is an established player in the Indian lubricant market. It markets a range of automotive and industrial lubricants, greases, 2-wheeler batteries, etc. Gulf Oil will manufacture will now distribute Bajaj Genuine Oil – Bajaj DTS-i 10,000 – in Bajaj Auto’s dealership network as well as Gulf Oil’s bazaar network. Under this tie-up, Gulf Oil will manufacture Bajaj Genuine Oil in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and distribute these lubricants through Gulf’s wide spread dealer network and the Gulf Rural Stockist program in rural areas.

Bajaj Genuine Oil, with its long drain interval of 10,000 kms is always been the highlight of the package. Pricing in conjuction with that has made it an ideal deal for commuter in the markets today. Bajaj DTS-i Oil in two variants, 10W-30 (for bikes up to 100 cc) & 20W-50 (for bikes above 100 cc), the Motor Cycle Oil (MCO) will be applicable for CT, Platina, Discover, Pulsar, Avenger and V models of Bajaj Auto. Bajaj DTS-i Oil has patented formulation for 10,000 km long drain interval. Smooth clutch, cleaner engine parts, longer engine life & reduced friction are some of the notable benefits of Bajaj DTS-i Oil 10,000 Genuine Oil.


Bajaj has sold this oil for some time now in the market and they are available with outlets and at petroleum pumps around the Rs. 300-400 mark for around 1 litre can. Bajaj DTS-i Oil 10,000 kms drain limit can be a little higher than expected, but Bajaj says they have patented new technology to make sure this oil works as indented. It is still recommend, as a general law within motorist to go ahead and change slightly before the recommended time as traffic and environmental conditions in certain areas demand oil change earlier than the recommended interval.

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