Hero Electric Motorcycle AE-47, Electric Trike AE – 3, Electric Scooter AE-75 At Auto Expo 2020


Hero Electric, today showcased its new range of products at the Auto Expo 2020 including an all new electric motorcycle, an electric trike and advanced tech enabled high-speed electric scooter. The robust product portfolio of the company resonates its aim to provide multiple electric mobility solutions that are technologically advanced and address the evolving needs and preferences of Indian consumers.

Hero-electric-AE 29 high speed scooter

The electric motorcycle AE-47 unveiled by the homegrown electric automaker is powered by a 4000W motor that promises a top speed of 85kmph. The electric motorcycle is equipped with an impressive lightweight portable lithium-ion 48V/3.5 kWh. With a charging time of 4 hours it produces a range of 85 Km/ch in Power mode, 160 km/ch in Eco mode and accelerates from 0-60 kmph in 9 seconds. The electric bike features advanced braking system with Combi Disc Front 290 mm & Rear 215mm and Rear Monoshock Suspension along with Cruise Control feature. It also features a digital instrument cluster, keyless access, mobile charger, walk assist and reverse feature. The motorcycle is supported by a mobile app featuring GPS, GPRS, Realtime tracking and Geofencing.

In the high-speed segment, Hero Electric unveiled a new electric scooter AE-29 with a top speed of 55 km/hr. With a charging time of 4 hours the new scooter produces a range of 80 km/ch. It is equipped with a 1000W motor of 48V/3.5 kWh Li battery. The first IOT enabled electric scooter features Bluetooth connectivity, anti-theft smart lock, mobile charger, mobile app, digital instrument cluster, walk assist and reverse facility.

Hero-electric-AE 3 Trike

With its primary application in the B2B segment, Hero Electric Trike AE – 3 – an attractive innovation made its debut at this motor show. A first-of-its kind vehicle, the trike is equipped with a self-standing Gyroscopic stability feature with Auto balance park switch. It can produce a range of 100 km/ch and delivers a speed of 80 km/hr in a full charge of 5 hours. Powered by 5500W motor it is equipped with Li 48V/4kWh battery. The vehicle also features digital instrument cluster, mobile charger, walk assist, reverse assist at 26 km/ph, mobile app, GPS, GPRS, real-time tracking and geofencing.

Hero-electric-AE 75

In the high-speed segment, the company also showcased an electric scooter AE-75 in a partnership with Sahara Evols with a top speed of 45 km/hr and range of 80 km/ch. In the low speed segment, the company showcased a scooter AE-8 with 25 km/hr speed and range of 80 km/ch.

Hero Electric is the pioneer of electric two-wheelers in the country and endeavors consumers to lead a sustainable lifestyle by switching to electric vehicles. The company’s current product line-up ranges from the Flash Lead Acid low- speed segment and goes all the way to the Photon lithium ion in the high-speed segment including the newly launched products.

Hero-electric-AE 8 Low speed scooter

Hero Electric will continue to innovate in this space and lead electric mobility in the country and has robust plans to take its current 620 touchpoints to 1000 by end of 2020 and make the brand accessible even in the most interior parts of the country. The company has aggressive investment plans in the next three years to ramp up production capacity of its electric scooters to 5 lakh units annually, with a focus on low-speed scooters for last mile connectivity.

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