Hero, Honda Offer Massive BSIII Discounts, Bajaj and TVS Offer Subtle Discounts As Well


Let’s not deny every manufacturer has some amount of inventory despite the fact that they did roll BSIV vehicles last month as Hero, Honda Offer Massive BSIII Discounts

A sudden announcement once again from the supreme court regarding polluting vehicles takes the market by storm. The sudden ban on vehicles which are BSIV compliant will not be sold nationwide and yes it doesn’t include rural areas anymore. Supreme took this decision on the 29’th March and everything else is in frenzy mode right now as we speak. The manufacturer have small to very large stock pileup of vehicles. While car manufacturer suffer very less from it as their vehicles are BSIV since 2010, the two wheeler manufacturer along with commercial vehicle manufacturer are hit the most, with a nuke is the right word.

Hero and Honda and even Bajaj and TVS have rolled out BSIV products but there are still stock lied up of some amount of vehicles. Least amount goes to Bajaj then comes TVS and Honda and Hero follow respectively. Rumors suggest Hero has over 1,000 crore worth of bikes in stock which are BSIII compliant. The units stand at over 3.28 lakhs. Honda and other manufacturer list isn’t available for now, but they are bare minimum when compared to the market leader, Hero MotoCorp.


In pictures you can see how much Honda and Hero MotoCorp are offering, basically, the vehicles are being sold at cost price if you consider the sheer amount of discount is on offer. Let’s face it there still an amount of profit left, but not the luxury profit isn’t there anymore for dealers or manufacturers. Bajaj has put up its discounted prices and is also offering free insurance as well. Sources very close to TVS tell us that the company is offering a Rs. 10,000 on a very motorcycle and scooter, which can be bargained for more as well. Overall, this is your time to pick up these motorcycles but in the future, it remains unclear how technology takes things ahead and will it benefit the consumer or not.

Bajaj’s list of discounts are stated below, which does include free insurance.
Pulsar RS 200 Rs. 12,000/- off
Pulsar Rs. 7,000/- off
Avenger Rs. 7,000/- off
V15 Rs.5,000/- off)
Discover Ra. 5,000/- off
Platina Rs. 5,000/- off
CT100 Rs. 3,000/- off.

There are no discounts on the Dominar 400 as it was a BSIV compliant motorcycle since day one.

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