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Hero Unique Concepts Shown At EICMA – Vida V1 Entry In Europe Confirmed

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Introducing the “Concept 2.5R XTunt”, a machine crafted for the new-age thrill-seeker, a rider who craves an adrenaline-infused urban adventure. This motorcycle is the embodiment of precision, agility, and unapologetic style.

Built for the urban jungle, the XTunt boasts an aggressive stance, ready to carve out corners with pinpoint precision. Its lightweight chassis, powerful engine and advanced technology make every ride fun and inspires confidence to do more. XTunt is a head-turner, with its unique and bold design. It’s a glimpse into the future of riding, a machine designed for the next generation of riders who demand performance, style, and the thrill of urban freestyle.

The high-performance liquid-cooled engine of the XTunt is incorporated in a trellis frame with USD front forks, adjustable mono rear suspension. The vehicle boasts cutting edge features like & active-aero technology and Follow me drone. With the Concept 2.5R XTunt, it is time to unleash a daredevil that is as fearless as its rider!

Vida V1 Pro
Vida V1 Pro


The electric scooter, Hero MotoCorp’s first foray in the electric mobility space was launched in India in October 2022. Now charging up for its Europe and UK entry, the V1 Pro holds the Guinness World Record for the greatest distance traveled by an electric scooter in 24 hours. It covered 1,780 km (1,106.04 mi) in 24 hours, highlighting the VIDA V1’s outstanding engineering & performance. The highly customizable, Built-to-Last VIDA V1, with convenient two removable batteries and flexible charging options, also comes with a class-leading combination of performance, a no-compromise range and top-speed. The VIDA V1 also offers features such as Custom Mode (100+ combinations), Cruise Control, Boost Mode, Two-way throttle, Key-less access and an Over-the-air enabled 7” TFT Touch-Screen. The VIDA V1 is based on an intelligent platform that’s modular, scalable & flexible, enabling it to learn and adapt on-the-go. The VIDA V1 evolves with the rider.

VIDA V1 Coupe

An accessory transforms the VIDA V1 into a slick single seater and back to a two-seater as per the rider’s need and style, allowing solo experiences to shine while keeping functionality intact. The Vida V1 Coupe offers a seamless blend of practicality and personal expression.

Concept Acro
Concept Lynx

Concept Lynx (Off Road Electric Motorcycle)

Inspired by Lynx, the medium-sized spotted wild cat known for its agility to climb, the key focus of this product is to have the best ride and handling characteristics with lowest possible weight. The instant torque and quiet operation of the electric motor opens new possibilities in natural as well as residential areas without any intrusion and disturbances.

The Lynx features a design that mirrors the tenacity of the lynx cat. With a robust and agile frame, it’s ready to tackle the most challenging trails and terrains. The aesthetics give it a distinctive, fierce appearance that commands respect in outdoors. It is designed with a patent pending suspension geometry for better weight distribution. This enables the Lynx to handle rough terrains, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride even in the most demanding conditions. The new type of frame construction allows us to provide best in class front to rear weight distribution resulting in great handling characteristics.

Beneath its rugged exterior, the Lynx packs a high-performance motor, designed to deliver high power and torque right from 0 RPM. Whether you are climbing steep inclines, navigating rocky paths, cutting through sand, or traversing muddy trails, this motorcycle will rise to the challenge. With a mobile app the parameters like regenerative braking and traction control can be customized.

The name “Acro” denotes the extremities of a body while appreciating dexterity. Children grow faster than you can blink, and their needs change with every passing year. That’s where Acro comes in, a motorcycle that adapts and evolves alongside the child, providing them with endless fun and adventure for years to come.

3-Point Adjustable Frame: This motorcycle features an innovative feature, adjustable under 2-minutes frame that grows with the child from 3 years to 9 years of age, without needing any tools to adjust. A patent pending adjustable mechanism allows the user to adjust the seat height, the length of bike and handlebar position, to make sure that the ergonomics and ride is uncompromised in each of the 3 sizes of the bike. The batteries used for regular home appliances can be used for easy swap and intra compatibility. No more buying multiple expensive batteries. Charge and use multiple of them simultaneously. Sharing is caring.

Safety is paramount, and customizable speed settings have been incorporated to ensure a gradual transition as the child gains confidence and skill. Start with a slow and stable pace for beginners and gradually increase the speed to match the child’s ability. The geo fencing feature allows the parents/guardians to control the area of operation. A quick disable button prevents any mishap. The bike’s low-maintenance design means fewer worries for parents. With the silence of an electric motor, the operation is environment friendly and helps maintain the tranquility of the environment without restricting the fun element.

Mohit Soni
Mohit Soni
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