High Security Registration Plates to be mandatory from the 1st of Jan 2019


High Security Registration Plates to be mandatory and can be fitted at dealerships of all auto manufacturers

All vehicles which will be manufactured from the 1st of January 2019 will come fitted with High Security Registration Plates (HSRP). With the implication of this rule will result in protection of thefts of vehicles in the nation which has been increased in these years.

According to this new rule, auto manufacturers can produce their own HSRP only if they obtain an approval certificate from the Central Government authorised testing agency. They are also approved to obtain these HSRP’s from companies who already have the certificates.

These High Security Registration Plates gets a hot stamped chromium-based hologram at the top left corner. This hologram consists of the Ashoka Chakra in blue, under it ‘India’ will be inscribed on it. At the bottom left corner of these plates, a 10 digit PIN will be laser branded. In addition to this, the registration numbers and alphabets will also get the hot stamped film and ‘INDIA” will be inscribed on it.

Other than the front and rear registration plates, customers will also get a third registration plate. This is actually a chromium-based sticker which has to be stuck at the bottom left of the windshield from the inside. This third registration plate or sticker will consist of information such as engine number, chassis number, laser branded PIN, registration number and the registration authority.

Representational purpose

In order to prevent the theft of these High Security Registration Plates, they will be fastened with at least two non-reusable snap locks. These HSRP will come with a 15-year guarantee, so suppose if they break, wither off or get damaged due to natural causes within this period, it will be replaced. Existing car owners can also fit the High Security Registration Plates from the dealers. But the existing registration plates have to be surrendered and destroyed first.

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