Honda Amaze Diesel Review (Manual+CVT): Locked and Loaded


Enchanting –

  • Well executed compact sedan design
  • Superlative chassis, brakes, engine
  • Spacious and practical/li>
  • Value for money

Unsatisfying –

  • Automatic can do with manual gearbox tone
  • Still room for more features


Honda’s India market share has been a mixed bag all these years. They have had success models and not so successful models that came and went. There was the Jazz and Brio which didn’t do well. There was the City and Amaze that did well.


Then again there was the BRV and Mobilio which didn’t cut the cake quite well either. Well the Amaze is back again in its second generation and apart from the diesel engine that made it famous earlier, this time there is an CVT gearbox attached to it. Honda has claimed to make the engine better. We have tried both variants to find out how is it like.


The exterior design is very much inspired from the Civic as it gets a flat front, which is SUV-ish though. We all know there is an SUV coming in sub four meter space from Honda as well. Tail and head lamps remind you of the Civic to a certain extent. The flat lines and very European sedan like proportions makes it look great. Even wheels are 15-inch these time on top-end VX trip so they lines and wheel gap in all make the car look mature and create the same aura as the older Amaze did, proportionate and well themed design language.


With the interior you are greeted with a minimalist dashboard with plastic which is finally high quality and piano black slab running all around to give it a rich look. Beige and black continues, steering and dials are new and so is the air vent layout. The beige theme for the interior continues and the fabric reminds us all around of the previous generation car but there are subtle changes to make look different.


Tonnes of space in the front and back thanks to this layout of dashboard making it very comfortable in every regard and position of any passenger or driver. Boot space is also well layed out and swallow a lot of luggage. The car we had was the V variant where it gets not so impressive infotainment system. You have connectivity options but limited to just Bluetooth, Aux and USB and nothing more.


It is cumbersome to understand and use at first, but three days later it was doing well with us. There is automatic climate control, height adjustable seat, steering, start-stop button, keyless entry, fully electric ORVM, parking sensors and reversing camera and cruise control on offer.


We had the anticipated CVT-Diesel combo and we have already driven the manual version earlier. The engine NVH levels have come down drastically and it is now heard, but bearable. Smooth and free revving engine, revs decently fast and makes a lot of torque in the low and mid-range. Power is delivered linearly so this combination makes it easier to drive with the CVT which doesn’t jerk at all as it is continuously stretching pulley (rubber band effect). Sure there is a push when you punch the accelerator into the carpet as you enter the power band.


The car lunges ahead and surprisingly this is the best combination of all time we ever witnessed with a CVT. Moment you lift of the throttle, there is coasting and Eco mode comes into play when you are below 60 or coasting.


Overall, surprisingly, a powertrain done very well despite the use of CVT makes this combination of reliability, driveability and slightly more than adequate performance a striking balance that you can live with, forever. We even got 16-18 km/l which is fantastic considering heavy throttle inputs.


Dynamically, the car impresses us very much. The sense of stability is far better this time with the new Amaze. The ride quality is taut and mature so it doesn’t crash much and goes over bad roads with ease. Steering has enough feel and feedback and is light enough for daily use. Brakes are good as well and there is pedal bite and enough progression which is in sync with the engine braking.


Body roll is bare minimum and there is enough physical grip with decently sticky tyres on offer too. The driving position, the ergonomics, the visibility all around and perfect seats make this car a delight to drive too.


Honda Amaze Diesel Review (Manual+CVT), Verdict


Overall, there is no doubting the Amaze has hit the sweet spot yet again. Honda has made a true Honda car, a term that our team cannot stop chanting with every time we get our hands on the new Amaze. Amazing power train, ergonomics, well packaged and priced. This is a clear winner. Now apply this generous idea to all segments and Honda can finally have volumes that it wants.

Honda Amaze Diesel Review
  • Design
  • Interior
  • Space
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Dynamics
  • Safety
  • Value
  • Practicality
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