Single-Cylinder Suzuki Gixxer 250 Could Come Next Month

Suzuki Gixxer 250 will be based on the upgraded 150cc variant that is also set to be launched soon

We have said it earlier and we’ll say it once more, 200s are the new 150s. In India, the entry-level premium 200cc class is the ideal segment for people looking bikes which are both fun and frugal. Suzuki Gixxer 250 engine capacity allows riders to either just lurk around the town or go fast around their favorite twisties and even wander long and far, fulfilling their touring dream.

And there have been a few very familiar motorcycles that have ruled this segment often overthrowing their old and boring commuter-focussed cousins. Let’s take Bajaj for example; their 200NS is a strong contender even after being ages old. How can we forget the TVS Apache RTR 200? The Apache bought TVS back in the game. It was light, agile and mighty fun on a winding stretch of road. Then came the Yamaha FZ25, which merged versatility and everyday convenience in a more affordable and efficient package. It also came with 50 extra ccs, which more power and that’s something we cannot say no to.

Now the fight in between these rivals will get all the more interesting as Suzuki is planning to enter this segment. Yes, a few months ago there were rumors that Suzuki will enter into the 250-300cc segment with an all-new motorcycle. Now, however, Suzuki will not aim for the premium segment. A class which is already crowded by the likes of the KTM Duke 390, Kawasaki Z250, Mahindra’s Mojo and the Bajaj Dominar. Instead, the Japanese giant will aim for a segment just below the former, where it will face competition from bikes like the FZ25 and the KTM Duke 250 on the higher side.

Suzuki Gixxer 250 could come with a new name, but the fact that the Gixxer brand is already very famous; Suzuki could as well call this the ‘Gixxer 250’. The styling on this bike could be inspired from the Houje 300, a bike which is based on the GSX S300. Expect the bike to come with cool features like a LED Headlamp, a digital console, Disc brake setup on both the ends and ABS as well. Mind you though, that ABS could as well be optional if not offered as standard owing to the stricter norms.

Suzuki Gixxer-SP-2018-Model (2)

It is very likely that this bike will be based on the Gixxer 155’s frame, which has proved its mettle and continues to be one of the best handling chassis in this segment. The frame will get some obvious modifications to meet the needs of a bigger and more powerful engine as well as increased weight. Talking about the engine, expect Suzuki to equip a four-valve head, and feature oil-cooling to keep costs at bay. We aren’t sure but the engine could put out somewhere between 20-25 Hp of power which will give it an advantage over its rivals. We, however, wish that Suzuki mates the engine to a slick six-speed gearbox which will bestow it with excellent touring and cruising ability.

What remains to be seen is how Suzuki prices it. But looking at how well the Gixxer has fared, it can be confirmed that Suzuki will price it competitively and the bike could carry a price tag of around INR 1.4-1.5 lacs ex-showroom.


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