Exclusive: 2016 Suzuki Gixxer SP Special Edition Images Leaked! [Update, Launched]


2016 Suzuki Gixxer SP Special Edition comes with the similar silver color but gets new graphics on the bikini fairing at the front

Suzuki has an aggressive plan for the Indian market since the year 2014. It launched the Gixxer naked model in that year and immediately blew of the competition’s socks. All of this was courtesy of a strong brand ambassador along with a best in class performance and price numbers that were nearly irresistible. The styling was one of the highlights and Suzuki had earned good reputation with its powerful and unique scooter in the market such as the Swish and Access. Suzuki took help of its car subsidiary and opened up showrooms and workshops to meet the needs of the customers that would arise post Gixxer fame and keeps on expanding as we speak.

To keep that momentum on, it launched the Gixxer SF in 2015. The fully faired model caught the eye of the market like no other and again the value card was played well by Suzuki and today Suzuki’s majority sales comes from these motorcycles and scooters continue to be an important part. Scooter refreshed, and now it was time that the motorcycles get a piece of refreshment.

Introducing, the Suzuki Gixxer SP Special Edition and Gixxer SF SP Special Edition models. Our reader Santosh sends us this picture of what looks likes a broucher. The motorcycles seem to be the same as before mechanically. The existing silver color scheme has been used for starters. The bikini fairing on the tank gets a chequered flag treatment. The same sticker set is applied on the side panels if you look closely.


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The seats are red in color and will add the exclusivity factor to the motorcycle. When it comes to the SF SP limited edition. The front fairing on both sides get the same sticker set as well. Both bikes get Red pin stripes on their wheels too. Pictures suggest that this SP limited edition models will come with dual disc setup and less chances of coming with the rear drum setup.

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The Gixxer SP and the Gixxer SF SP are priced at Rs 80,726 and Rs 88,857 respectively (ex-showroom, Delhi). The SP special edition aka limited edition has come to dealerships as the festive season has kicked in. Suzuki has come with ‘rather’ cheeky one liners when it comes to promoting this new special edition.


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