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Suzuki ECSTAR Lubricants For Motorcycles Launched In India

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Suzuki ECSTAR Lubricants For Motorcycles Launched In India and can be used from the 155cc Gixxer to the Hayabusa

Suzuki today announced the foray of ECSTAR – a high-performance engine oil and chemical brand developed by Suzuki, into the Indian-market here today. ECSTAR oil from Suzuki is a powerful lubricant that not only enhances the enactment of Suzuki vehicles, but with its optimal lubricant formulation, will offer customers outstanding engine protection, a longer life-cycle for their two-wheeler as well as lower maintenance and fuel costs. ECSTAR oil ensures durability and better performance even in unfavourable riding conditions like uneven roads, extreme weather conditions, combustion contaminants etc.

Key Highlights:
· Improved Throttle Response
· Smooth shifting performance
· Increased acceleration
· Improved Engine Performance
· Improved Fuel efficiency

Designed exclusively for Suzuki motorcycles’ engines, Suzuki ECSTAR oils provides a blend of high-quality synthetic base oil additives that offer an improvement on the normal engine oil in friction characteristics, engine detergency and thermo stability. ECSTAR has passed rigorous tests that contribute to a superior performance by upto 2.8%*, fuel economy by upto 3.5%*; and a clean, longer engine life by preventing sludge and deposits.

Furthermore, Suzuki ECSTAR, the lubricants helps achieve thermal stability, hence delivering ultimate engine protection. It also assists the vehicle while starting the engine in cold climate and keeps it trouble free for a long time. Suzuki Motor Corporation launched ECSTAR, the brand of high-performance engine oil and products, in 1984. At present, the ECSTAR brand is widely marketed across Europe, America, Mexico, Australia and South East Asia.


Suzuki ECSTAR R9000 (10W40), which can be used for all Gixxer models as well as the Big Bikes – Hayabusa, GSX-R1000 &GSX-R1000R, will be available at the authorized Suzuki Two-wheeler dealerships with subsequent plans to expand the reach and portfolio. Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan wherein they have the same manufacturing philosophy of PRODUCTS OF SUPERIOR VALUE right from the inception. SMIPL manufactures two-wheelers best suited for the valuable Indian customers. The company started its India operation in February 2006.

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