How To Maintain Your Wiper Blades


Wiper blades are an important part of an automobile although their importance is not very well recognized by us. However, one drive amidst the heavy rain without wipers, and you’ll sure to accept how crucial it’s to have well-maintained wipers in the car. Wipers are subjected to heat and dust incessantly and their constant engagement with the windscreen especially during the rainy seasons leave them with scratches and a lot of wear. The damaged wipers won’t be able to function properly and in the worst case can also lead to scratches on your windscreen. Therefore, it is essential to take proper care of wipers so that they continue to perform their tasks efficiently and effectively. It is best to replace the damaged wipers at regular intervals and it would be great if you can change them just before the monsoon season. Here’re some other measures that will help your car’s wipers to have extended shelf life:

1) One of the very basic things you can do is to replace the wipers at regular intervals. Especially before the monsoon check the status of wipers and if you find signs of damage, it’s best to replace them. Don’t be skimpy as small saving by not changing wipers could lead to considerable damage to your windscreen replacing which will definitely require considerably more investment.

) Just like cleaning the car, make it a habit to clean the blades of the wipers with a soft cloth. You can also rinse the wipers as it will help in the removal of the dust and other unwanted particles including leaves, shreds, splinters etc. Another effective measure to enhance the efficiency of wipers is to run a vinegar-dipped cloth through the blades as this will wipe off any leftover on the blade.

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3) Applying the petroleum jelly on the wiper blades can also significantly enhance their life as well as wiping capabilities. The method of application is called simple – apply the small quantity of petroleum jelly on the cloth and then rub this cloth on the wiper blade gently. The process can be repeated at regular intervals with a three to six months gap is an ideal one to follow.

4) There is a direct relationship between the cleanliness of the windscreen and the life of wiper blades. This means that you can enhance the wipers’ life by keeping your windscreen clean and dust-free. Vinegar can be used to clean the windscreen and a regular car wash can also help in this regard. Also, don’t forget to keep a close tab on the windshield wiper fluid as in case of its insufficiency, the blades won’t clean your car’s windscreen properly.

5) It is recommended that you keep on checking the wiper blades of your car regularly. In case you notice some severe damage to the rubber or wiper arm which is beyond repair, do not hesitate to change the wipers. The investment is not on the higher side as a good set of wipers can be had below Rs 1000. Before changing wipers, make sure you refer to the owner’s manual to get the right information about the size and description of the wiper blades.

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