Automobile Brand Names That Have Become Generic Words


There are many examples of popular brands that have been successful in acquiring cult status over the years. These command immense respect among the public and as a symbol of their huge popularity, some of these have even become generic words. Take, for instance, Google or Xerox both of which have surpasses their specific brand identity and become generic names instead. Here we have compiled a list of such popular brands in the automobile domain that have been successful in acquiring cult status by becoming a generic word among consumers.


1) JCB: JCB is not a typical automobile as it falls in the categories of earthmovers/excavators. However, such is the popularity of the brand that JCB has become a generic name for any earth mover or excavator on tires irrespective of the brand it actually belongs to. Similarly, earthmovers on track chains are identified as HITACHIs as Tata Hitachi is the dominant player in the segment.


2) Tempo: When Bajaj launched Matador in the 1960s in collaboration with Tempo, the vehicle became hugely popular in the market. Its popularity further surged later and even today, people usually refer to any small people carrier or load carrying vehicle as a Tempo.

Thar 700_Exterior

3) Jeep: Mahindra collaborated with the American automobile brand Jeep back in the 1940s to manufacture Willy utility vehicle. The model became hugely popular and although Mahindra and Jeep parted ways subsequently, the Jeep name still continues to evoke strong emotions even today. Even the new-gen Mahindra Thar is often referred to as a Jeep.

4) Gypsy: Gypsy might not be as popular as Jeep but it has got its own set of fans. Specifically, modified Jeeps with an open-top are often referred to as a Gypsy in many parts of the country.

TVS Scooty Pep +

5) Scooty: TVS Scooty is a gearless scooter and over the years, the brand become so popular that most of the gearless scooters today in the market are called Scooties.
6) Luxury Bus for Volvo: The name of Volvo has become synonymous with the luxury bus – push back seats, air suspension, and air conditioner. Even in the google search, the dominance of Volvo word in the luxury bus search can be clearly seen in the results.

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