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Hyundai Elantra Diesel Automatic Review, First Ride

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Hyundai Elantra Diesel Automatic is a premium car which is easy to commute in daily as it is already a very docile car along with a great highway companion

Enchanting –

  • Extremely Stylish exterior design
  • Refined Motor and Low NVH Cabin
  • Comfortable and feature loaded
  • Easy to drive for a big car

Unsatisfying –

  • Priced Higher
  • Could be more spacious and powerful

Hyundai Elantra is what the Alto is to Maruti but only in the D-segment. Elantra is the segment leader in terms of sales and desirability. The designs keep getting better with every generation and facelift and so does the mechanical and dynamic capabilities of the car. We have seen this happening with the previous generation Elantra and its facelift to the new Elantra that came out later in the year 2016. We tested the petrol version and gave you a comprehensive first ride review which included everything.


Today, we have the diesel model and we tell you which one is best and what suits your needs. We will be specifically be talking about the first drive of the diesel engine equipped Elantra here and if you want to read our detailed Elantra review click on the link below to find the petrol review of the Elantra.



When it comes the design, the Elantra in one word can be described as a stunner. The car has the right coupé like silhouette with four doors which makes it an attention grabber. In our previous test, we had the silver petrol car which gained great attention, the red one here took it even further and we aren’t even surprised.  The large and bright LED lamps in the headlight reminiscent of much premium cars means you cannot miss it in a crowd.


The large tail-lamps which are particularly edgy and has three pod layout takes every one by surprise. The large gun metal alloy wheels, the broad and subtle grille with chrome all works in its favor just right. Overall, the red shade transforms the car and is the pick of the lot after the electric blue that is on offer.

Interior and Space


Interior according to us is worth the money that is being asked for but we reckon its German competition has transformed the segment completely when it comes to quality. We also think that the slightly quirky approach that the design has, doesn’t match the interior which has a rather European layout. Hyundai can work on the interior and make the dash and infotainment system bracket a little more appealing. However, as other Hyundai’s are, quality is good, fit-finish and build to last traits can be seen. Fonts used for the screen are also a bit dated now, however, the blue light used for switches does make the cabin look special. We like the steering wheel but we would love to see a proper three spoke unit and not a flat-bottom to make the cabin experience more interesting.


Feature list includes over the petrol variant are, driving modes which includes Eco and Sport and if you don’t like both you can stay in normal mode which isn’t highlighted. Ventilated seats can be seen here and so is the sunroof. Start-stop button, keyless entry, MID on the speedometer and a large touch screen which offers navigation and settings to be controlled with can be seen as standard. Shockingly, Elantra doesn’t get auto up and down feature for all windows and it is seen only on the driver window. We can see an addition of aluminum pedal on the car.


Space in the back is again just about does the job can be the slight weak link in the package, but again, the price that it is asking for all of this is also right. Legroom is limited and so is the headroom. Shoulder room and four seater layout means that two occupants can enjoy the chauffeur driven or premium experience that they look forward in a car of this size and price. Boot space makes up for the lack of room in the cabin as it is fairly large and opening is also practical. Overall, the black interior and the darker shades on the outside makes the overall experience is quite premium.

Engine and Gearbox


This time we have the diesel motor and Hyundai says the 1.6 from the Verna which was used in the earlier Elantra as well has made to the engine bay. The are minor tweaks to make it more driveable and efficient. The motor makes 126 BHP of power and 250 Nm of torque. The automatic gearbox that we had with us is a the previous torque converter unit which has been heavily revised as well.


First impressions are good as with other Hyundai engines. The motor is smooth enough and NVH levels are very well controlled inside the cabin. Driveability is good only when driven in a subtle manner as the gearbox shifts earlier and you keep progress. Drive enthusiastically and you realize, the turbo lag before 2000 RPM, the amount of extra time the gearbox takes to shift.


Shift into sports mode and everything does seem more responsive but it still ins’t segment best. The top-speed and the mid-range help it make an excellent tourer on the highway and relaxed nature of the engine help it get good economy on the highway. Our road test give a low fuel economy number of 9.6 km/l in the city and 14.6 km/l on the highway. The MID can show upto 17.6 km/l on the highway and 10 km/l in city. The numbers are low when compared to other cars in the segment.

Ride and Handling


Dynamically, Hyundai claims that they have revised the chassis and suspension to make it ride and handle better. The good news is that the ride quality is better, it has almost no vertical movement. The ride stays compliant at all speeds. However, the rear continues to be soft and the big bumps does upset the rear passengers. There is body roll witnessed in the corners but it is even more in control than before. Sport mode make steering heavier and allows more feedback and then when you start pushing, you realize the car still isn’t enthusiast friendly.


Grip from the tyres is good and all around disc brakes are great, but in the automatic version the initial bite from the pedal wasn’t good enough and progressive power post that isn’t impressive for four disc brakes equipped car. The car also rides on small 16-inch wheels. This segment deserves 17-inch on higher trims. Brakes do their job, just like engine, when driven sedately.

Hyundai Elantra Diesel Automatic Review, Verdict


Elantra diesel test reveals that it is what Hyundai does well as always. The saloon offers long distance comfort touring for your family, a subtle amount of features over the petrol list to make things more premium and as with the previous car, a design language on the outside which is nothing short of bespoke. Stylish and the right amount of quirky elements with a coupé styling which attracts eyeballs like a German premium sedans of the world.


Elantra continues to go strength to strength just like the previous version despite superior cars in the category. The Germans may offer so much more on paper, but the Korean offering here is more abstract, more approachable and hence the desirable quotient for the car is as high as it gets.

On-Road Price (Mumbai) 24,01,381

Hyundai Elantra Diesel Automatic Review
  • Design
  • Interior
  • Feature
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Space
  • Performance
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