ICICI Lombard Mobile Self Inspection Feature Launched For Lapsed Motor Policy Renewal


ICICI Lombard Mobile Self Inspection Feature allows customers a hassle free renewal of their lapsed motor insurance policy.

Getting insurance done post lapsed period can be a pain in these busy times. Traditionally, when a motor insurance policy expires, a mandatory inspection is required which results in delay of a policy insurance. Usually, when a customer applies for renewal for a lapsed policy, the insurer initiates a process called Break-In. In this process, a survey by authorized surveyors is carried out in the field and the policy is issued based on satisfactory inspection. However, with this new feature, customers can renew their policy without a physical inspection required by a surveyor.

All that a customer now has to do is renew the policy by paying online on ICICI Lombard’s Website or by using mobile App. After the payment is made and here is the catch. The customer is prompted to upload the self-inspection video via the Insure App. A demo video is provided for step-by-step guidance of the process.


The policy is generated within a few hours if the self-inspection video is approved as per ICICI Lombard underwriting guidelines. ICICI Lombard have introduced this unique feature, Mobile Self-Inspection. This reduces the renewal time from two-three days to barely a couple of hours. This initiative is part of customer centric endeavors to make sure that they have a delightful and hassle-free experience while insuring.

The only pre-requisites required for the renewal are very basic features which every person has. An internet connection, 3 MP or above camera resolution and recording in broad daylight. Additional functionalities to discard and re-record the video are available are here. Post upload, the status can be checked in ‘My Policy’ section of the Website or App in sometime. The customers can then know more about the feature at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLPCR2AMjSE&feature=youtu.be to enjoy Quick, Easy and Smart insurance solutions at their fingertips.

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