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Iconic Lancia Brand Starts Documentry Celebrating A Century

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Today marks the beginning of the journey towards November 27th, the birthday of the Lancia brand, a date that signifies the next step in the brand renaissance. For this occasion, Lancia has created a three-part docuseries titled “Lancia. La storia di una rinascita”, where Luca Napolitano, Lancia brand CEO, acting as the narrator and hosting a different guest in each episode, guides the viewers on a journey through the past and future of the brand.

“Lancia is a Progressive Classic brand. Progressive because we always look to the future with great ambition, but at the same time, it is Classic because we are deeply connected with our glorious history, spanning over a century. In this journey between past and future, Lancia always considered on-board comfort to be central, creating cars to live in and not just to be driven, where well-being in the car is as important as technology, performance, and style, all essential components to make us feel at home inside a car. In Lancia, innovation and design come together to create the future and to give life to a new way of conceiving and experiencing the car, a welcoming way like in a beautiful Italian home!” stated Luca Napolitano, Lancia brand CEO.

The first episode is filmed in Turin, between the Centro Stile and the Stellantis Heritage Hub, a location that recalls the unique, iconic atmosphere that belongs to the glorious past of a brand that has written chapters in the history of Italian automotive. Together with the Lancia brand CEO, Roberto Giolito, currently Head of Stellantis Heritage, and an internationally renowned designer as well as winner of awards including the Compasso d’Oro and ‘father’ of some of the most significant cars in modern automotive history, talks about the importance of this historical heritage, which is an integral part of the brand’s DNA.

Iconic Lancia Brand Starts Documentry Celebrating A Century

Viewers can take a veritable journey through Lancia’s icons, models that have made history for the brand, still remembered by enthusiasts today. In this scenario, the authentic sense of “home feeling” in Lancia vehicles, achieved through sustainable materials, colors, and attention to detail inspired by Italian architecture and design, remains a meeting point between past and future, where the car becomes a safe and welcoming home for those on board.”

The dialogue alternates with images of the vehicles, emphasizing the craftsmanship and the importance of shapes and spaces: from the first monocoque structure of the Lambda to the door opening mechanism of the Aprilia and Flaminia, which recalls the hospitality of modern homes, with the typical frameless entry mirror. Furthermore, sensory experiences serve as a connecting element between people, shapes, materials, colors, and light. It’s a consistent journey based on strong values, innovation, and timeless design.

Lancia reinvents and redesigns tradition, to create a new, welcoming and refined conception of the car. “Lancia. La storia di una rinascita” represents a narrative leading up to the first step of the brand Renaissance. The story continues next week with the second episode of the docuseries.

With 117 years of history, Lancia represents timeless Italian Elegance, a brand that made people around the globe dream, thanks to its iconic vehicles: the elegant Flaminia and Aurelia B24 Spider, the high-performance Delta, Stratos and 037, the eclectic Fulvia, the Beta HPE and many others.
Lancia is now ready to start its Renaissance with a 10-year strategic plan that is moving ahead in leaps and bounds. Innovation and timeless design have always been the founding principles for the brand. And now sustainability, customer centricity and social responsibility have also become essential, because Lancia is determined to look to the future with great commitment and ambition.

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