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Volkswagen Tiguan Off-Road Experienced – Sheds New Light!

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VW Tiguan is a soft off-roader and although it lacks the capabilities of a hardcore, 4×4, it can be used to tackle bad roads, broken patches, and heavily undulated tarmac. VW recently showcased the off-road capabilities of the Tiguan in Mumbai on a track that was specifically built keeping in mind the requirements of off-roading tasks.

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The track set a slew of off-roading challenges to Tiguan. First off the block was the autocross challenge and Tiguan handled it with ease thanks to the presence of the 4Motion AWD system. This intelligent system allows Tiguan to tackle these undulations without stress, and this coupled with the high ground clearance of the SUV makes easy work of handling these irregularities. The SUV performed equally well on the climb and slope sections, with the latter proving to be a little more challenging than the former.

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Slotting the Tiguan in first gear helped the SUV to climb easily with power kept hovering around 2000 rpm, although more patience was required while going downhill. The approach angle of the SUV is not that great, which means the application of brakes requires slightly more precise inputs. Once, the effort is put in, it clears it like any tough off-roader. Also, thankfully, the inclusion of the downhill brake came in handy in such situations. The next test of the Tiguan was the side slope section, wherein the weight distribution of the body and suspension prowess were examined thoroughly.

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However, the most torturous test of Tiguan’s capabilities was the axle articulation. Unlike proper 4×4 SUVs which have extreme axle articulation, Tiguan lacks the proper hardcore hardware though it still manages to achieve desired results without making a fuss. The chassis rigidity plays a key role in doing so!

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In addition, Tiguan managed to clear the water wading test with patience emerged as the key factor for keeping the SUV safe in its water manoeuvres. Overall, Tiguan is a smart combination of practicality and off-road capabilities and by showing off its prowess on test track, the SUV can be easily considered as one of the best packages available in the Indian market for driving enthusiasts.

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