Jeep Pedal Go-Kart is What Every Enthusiast Needs in his Wardrobe or Garage


Jeep Pedal Go-Kart Revolution BFR-3 by Berg is an off-road machine for your kids or people with smaller dimensions and big dreams

We love the festival season shopping time, mostly because this is time when our family and friends (strangely) let us go on an automotive related shopping spree. And for sure we utilize this freedom to the full, who can get enough of those driving boots? Right? Now Berg, a famous toy maker that specialises in making fun and great looking Go-Karts (among others) that promote children to go and take up active playing. In fact for more than 30 years, this American company has been making some real fun active outdoor playtime pleasure! Now, Berg has just come out with a product that has made the kid inside of us jump with joy and head out for an adventure. The product in concern is a Jeep Pedal Go-Kart and is called Jeep® Revolution BFR-3.

This new Jeep Pedal Go-Kart can be a great gift for your (and not your) younger ones and if you have been less-gifted on the dimensions side, then you too. This Jeep® Revolution BFR-3 is a light and compact ride that provides a full serving of adventure to kids. Licensed by Jeep, this Jeep Pedal Go-Kart by Berg arrives with knobby pneumatic tires, a swing axle, an adjustable seat. There is an adjustable steering wheel also that ensures a comfortable fit for different sized children. Then there is a front grille and a BFR system so you can brake with your pedals, while you even get a spare tire to get you through any adventure over any terrain. The Jeep Pedal Go-Kart is available in three different models, including the Expedition BFR-3 pedal Go-kart that has three gears. All karts fit a 4-year-old all the way up to a “compact adult”.

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The Jeep Pedal Go-Kart also has a unique system that allows you to pedal both forwards and backwards. The steering has double ball bearings which make it extremely light and enable maneuverability in every curve. You can also extend the go-kart with a second seat, in case your little one has a special friend to take with her/him. And if you do want to take a break, you can simply put it upright in the shed!

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