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Kawasaki Z900 Recalled For Faulty Rear Suspension

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Kawasaki Z900 Recalled For Faulty Rear Suspension in India

Kawasaki has expressed a gratuitous memory of the ravishing Z900, one of the most popular naked middleweight bikes in India. The main reason behind this sort of action taken by the company is that the tie-rod bracket for the rear suspension could be faulty in some of the models. The company has also declared that if a possibility that the rear suspension on the bike bottoms out, then the holes in the tie-rod frame mounts could possibly be damaged, which in turn can cause the rear suspension to stop functioning altogether.

This might eventually lead to an uncomfortable or even a dangerous situation and therefore, Kawasaki has issued a recall to check the tie-rod brackets and replace those parts if necessary. If the workforce at the Kawasaki service centre observe that the frame of the tie-rod bracket should be changed, then that will be reacquired as well.

All mending and retrieving actions will be done for free of cost at all Kawasaki service centres across the country. Kawasaki has reached out to the customers possessing affected bikes and has also passed on a circular to all the service centres pertaining to the same as well. The company has already shared a few Vehicle Identification Numbers, abbreviated as VIN’s , which will provide an easier platform for Z900 owners to identify if their bike is affected or not.

According to the statements made by the company, the complete inspection of the faulty parts and the replacement could be done in an hour. There are around one hundred and thirty-two Z900 models, which have been identified to be affected in India, and all of these belong to a particular series of motorcycles that were manufactured in Thailand and brought to India through the completely built unit, CBU route.


The Kawasaki Z900 is one of the most authoritative, and economical naked middleweight motorcycles on sale in India. The bike gets a freakish 948 cc in-line four engine which produces a stunning power of 123 bhp along with a wheel rotation speed of 9,500 rpm and 98.6 Nm of torque at 7,700 rpm. The non-frill version of the bike is priced at ₹ 7.68 lakh, outside Delhi, while the ABS-equipped alternative bores a price tag of ₹ 9 lakh, outside Delhi too.


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